Eva Moskowitz and Her Thirst to Change the Destiny of Children from Low-Income Areas

Eva Moskowitz is the CEO and the founder of Success Academy Charter of schools. Her charter schools make one of the largest and the best performing public schools in New York City. Eva Moskowitz opened these networks of schools to prove that children from the low-income and minority surroundings can also achieve highest grades in academic.

She started by opening her first Academy in Harlem in the year 2006. She has been the advocate of the low-class students making sure they reach their full potential academically. Today Eva Moskowitz oversees networking Success Academy which operates 41 schools. There are many teachers today who are employed by Success Academy together with some other professionals.

Eva Moskowitz has demonstrated her skills in many other institutions. She founded the Success Academy in 2006, and since then she has been the CEO. Success Academy is in the Greater New York City Area. As part of recognition for her achievements, Eva Moskowitz was awarded one of the most prestigious awards $ 250 000 grant at the national charter schools conference in Washington DC. She has plans to begin another project in the Success Academy. The project will be geared to release Success Academy’s curriculum which will enable reading in the academy to be done from a digital platform.

Eva Moskowitz holds a Ph.D. Degree in American History from the University of Pennsylvania. She has authored two major publications in America. The titles of the two are; the mission possible where she shared how the secret of Success Academies can work in any School. The other one is called; in therapy we trust. Here she shares America’s obsession with self-fulfillment. She has held other portfolios. These portfolios include being the educational committee chair New York City Council, Director of public Affairs, and Civic Teacher in Prep for Prep from 1998 to 1999. She was also the chair of the Faculty seminar in American studies at Columbia University in New York