Todd Lubar’s Eye-opening Review on Baltimore’s Real Estate Industry

In an article by Patch, Todd Lubar explained the current trend which is observed in Baltimore when it comes to real estate industry. Baltimore has experienced a revolution in its real estate sector with more apartment options coming up to fulfill the needs of its residents. Real estate developers have recently refurbished old buildings into more attractive options required by its inhabitants. In this regard, apartments and condominiums have cropped up. For example, the historic Bank of America has now been renovated into a fabulous and a unique home in the city.

Baltimore is now improving its public means of transport which will further attract many residents who hope to live downtown. With many businesses blooming and the cost of living not rising significantly, Baltimore will be an option for people who cannot afford to live in Washington DC. Many young professionals and recent graduates chose Baltimore as their number one place of residence.

Todd with his over two decades of experience complemented by his background in credit and finance is a distinguished person in the real estate industry. He is the acting president of TDL Ventures where his major focus remains to grow his company to new levels.

Todd Lubar’s education

Between the year 1977 and 1987, Mr. Lumbar attended Sidwell Friends School in Washington District of Columbia. For his high school education, Todd attended The Peddie School in Hightstown New Jersey. He acquired his Bachelor’s degree in Speech Communication from Syracuse University where he graduated in 1995.

Todd Lubar’s humble beginnings

After graduating, Mr. Lubar first worked with Crestar Mortgage Corporation until the year 1999 where he joined Legacy Financial Group in Texas. He helped the company grow its production unit to over one hundred million dollars each year in loan volume. Todd worked with the company until the year 2005 when he accepted the job offer to be a senior vice president with Charter Funding. He held this position until August 2007.

Todd focuses on mortgage banking

After leaving Charter Funding, Todd Lubar purchased money mortgage origination with Priority Financial Services. He now owns several companies and has been ranked as one of the top twenty-five mortgage originators in the country.

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Kate Hudson’s Fabletics About to Take Amazon Down?

It might not be fair to say that the competition is going to take Amazon down, but in one niche they may be in for a real dog fight. Amazon has been comfortably sitting atop the leader board in the online clothing market, gobbling down 20 percent of the online sales in this one niche. That being said, it appears that Kate Hudson’s Fabletics is making a charge to the front of the pack after pulling in an impressive $250 million in sales of her high-quality workout apparel. Does Hudson have the winning formula to really take Amazon down?


Hudson explains that her athleisure brand is all about high-quality and low pricing, combined with reverse showrooming and her one-of-a-kind membership platform. Take a look how women are shopping at the Fabletics stores in the mall to get an idea how this formula is working for Hudson. Once inside the store, women are trying on all the latest workout apparel in the store, window-shopping when they have time, or simply stopping by to enhance their memberships by taking the Fabletics Lifestyle Quiz. This laid-back and relaxed atmosphere is really connecting with women.


So you may be wondering where does the majority of the sales come from at Fabletics, the answer is at the e-commerce site. Kate Hudson’s Fabletics customers head to the online store at their convenience, and then they really start loading up the shopping cart for one reason. Since they already have been in the store at the mall and tried on the apparel, they know exactly how it fits, Each item they tried on is then moved to the online profile as part of the membership, so women simply select the item and go shopping for more colors and styles of the same. They go from buying one piece to half-dozens in the blink of the eye.


Hudson’s Fabletics customers receive so much more as part of the membership plan. Every order placed online gets free shipping, regardless how long of a member thy have been. membership also rewards these customers with discounted pricing on select workout apparel and active-wear. These customers even get their on personal shopper who selects an item each month based on quiz answers or how the customer is shopping over the months. This all equals a huge challenge for Amazon who offers none of these benefits at a time women want to be pampered.

How Entrepreneur Bob Reina Built A Successful Company

Bob Reina founded his company, Talk Fusion, in 2007. His first product was Video Email which allows people and businesses the ability to send videos that are embedded in emails. Working as the company’s Chief Executive Officer, he guides the company’s strategic vision and leadership. One of the core values he has established at Talk Fusion is helping other including friends, family, worldwide communities, and animal charities.

Before founding Talk Fusion Bob Reina had been a Southern Florida policeman for 10 years. He felt limited by both the amount of time he put into his work and the paycheck he received for it. He had been seeking a way to found his own company which he felt was his calling. He met someone that told him about network marketing and how one could use it to build a successful business. He built up a team to pursue this goal a few times but each time the business fell apart for one reason or another.Learn more :

In 2004 he wanted to email his family a video of a house he was touring. His email service provider told him that was impossible to do which gave him the idea of building a business around solving this problem. He contacted a friend, Dr. Jonathan Chen, who was an IT expert and computer programmer. They developed Video Email and Reina sold the product using direct sales where independent contractors would sell this program to other individuals and businesses. He built it this way to that these direct sellers could also attain their dreams of attaining rewarding careers.

Straight away, Talk Fusion was met with a lot of success. His product solved a problem that a number of other people also had. Businesses used his product in order to create effective marketing campaigns that included video. This success has led into a number of other apps that Talk Fusion makes available to its clients.Learn more :

Bob Reina is passionate about helping others. He’s especially passionate about animal causes and donates his time and money to them on a regular basis. He recently donated $1 million to the Human Society of Tampa Bay as but one example.

Eva Moskowitz and Her Thirst to Change the Destiny of Children from Low-Income Areas

Eva Moskowitz is the CEO and the founder of Success Academy Charter of schools. Her charter schools make one of the largest and the best performing public schools in New York City. Eva Moskowitz opened these networks of schools to prove that children from the low-income and minority surroundings can also achieve highest grades in academic.

She started by opening her first Academy in Harlem in the year 2006. She has been the advocate of the low-class students making sure they reach their full potential academically. Today Eva Moskowitz oversees networking Success Academy which operates 41 schools. There are many teachers today who are employed by Success Academy together with some other professionals.

Eva Moskowitz has demonstrated her skills in many other institutions. She founded the Success Academy in 2006, and since then she has been the CEO. Success Academy is in the Greater New York City Area. As part of recognition for her achievements, Eva Moskowitz was awarded one of the most prestigious awards $ 250 000 grant at the national charter schools conference in Washington DC. She has plans to begin another project in the Success Academy. The project will be geared to release Success Academy’s curriculum which will enable reading in the academy to be done from a digital platform.

Eva Moskowitz holds a Ph.D. Degree in American History from the University of Pennsylvania. She has authored two major publications in America. The titles of the two are; the mission possible where she shared how the secret of Success Academies can work in any School. The other one is called; in therapy we trust. Here she shares America’s obsession with self-fulfillment. She has held other portfolios. These portfolios include being the educational committee chair New York City Council, Director of public Affairs, and Civic Teacher in Prep for Prep from 1998 to 1999. She was also the chair of the Faculty seminar in American studies at Columbia University in New York

TechStyle Co-CEO Adam Goldenberg Explains De-Risking Fashion Space

The apparel industry can be a challenging market because while it is always needed, the fashions can change dramatically in a very short period of time. Clothing trends might change faster than the seasons. The TechStyle (previously known as JustFab) Co-CEO Adam Goldenberg explains how data and technology can be used to de-risk the fashion space.

Fashion Risk Management

Inventory is one of the primary challenges of the clothing industry. What should you do with the out-of-fashion garb? You can run numerous sales, but every brand is already doing that and it tends to downgrade your brand’s prestige because customers will simply wait for the sales.

TechStyle Co-CEO Adam Goldenberg thinks that data and technology are the answer.

Unlike fashion brands in the past, the TechStyle brand is starting with an online-first strategy, according to Co-CEO Adam Goldenberg during his CNBC interview. This allows the apparel brand to cut costs and create more user-friendly brands, like Fabletics. The firm is poised for success.

“We are now cash-flow positive,” according to TechStyle Co-CEO Adam Goldenberg, “It’s great to be in control of your own destiny.” The model is called “reverse showroom” by Fabletics, insofar as online memberships are established first. Then each month, different selections are available, ready to be delivered automatically. Customers must tell TechStyle if they want to “skip that month.”

Smarter TechStyle Fashion

The advantages of TechStyle and Fabletics is that they offer 1. Faster customer order processing, 2. Membership customization and 3. Reduced inventory on Every one wins when the most advanced data, technology and Internet resources are used. It is like the circle of rainfall.

California was used to having high levels of snow on its mountain peaks. When this did not fall, the rivers were lower. Stored up underground water was used up. The punishing drought ensued.

When inventory builds up, the apparel firm cannot purchase the next season’s fashion. The customer is forced to wear out-dated duds. No one wins.

TechStyle Co-CEO Adam Goldenberg explained de-risking so that the Average Joe could understand. Big Data and Technology have reached the fashion industry.

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Hussain Sajwani: The Real Influencer

“Very, Very, Very Amazing Man.” These were words uttered by the President of United States of America in reference to Mr. Hussain Sajwani, Chairman, CEO and Founder of DAMAC Properties. The same sentiment would be echoed by anyone who came into contact with the main guy. He is as aggressive a businessman as he is a philanthropist. Read more: Meet Our Board | DAMAC Properties

Shrewd Business Mind

With a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from the University of Washington, Hussain Sajwani has indeed surpassed all people’s expectations. In 1982, Hussain started a catering outfit and enjoyed working with the U.S armed forces and Bechtel.

In the mid-nineties, he built a few hotels to accommodate a growing number of foreigners visiting on business and leisure. After a government decree to allow foreigners to own property, Hussain Sajwani saw an opportunity to do something big. Equipped with extensive knowledge of the real estate industry, Hussain Sajwani started DAMAC Properties in 2002.

Such a remarkable entrepreneur he is, that he sold his first 38 stories residential complex within six months, and get this, before construction commenced. Today, DAMAC Properties operates in over 20 countries, employs over 2000 people and boasts 44,000 units in various stages of completion and delivery. Hussain Sajwani has worked with Donald Trump since 2013.

The two real estate magnates have partnered in two luxury projects, one of them being the Trump International Golf Club. DAMAC Properties is known for its expertise in leisure. The company has worked with some of the most renowned fashion and lifestyle brands like Fendi, Versace, and others. In 2008, DAMAC Properties deservedly won five awards at the Arabian Property Awards.

Sajwani’s Notable Good Deeds

Hussain Sajwani donated AED 2Million to the Emirates Red Crescent. The money went towards clothing over 50,000 needy children. Mr. Sajwani believes in the worth of children and supports many worthy causes by the Emir of UAE. Learn more about DAMAC owner:

Yemeni refugees also benefited from $272,000 donated to Yemen We Care for Health Care, relief, and education. DAMAC Properties has also been working with Kingston University London to foster the talent of future entrepreneurs and construction professionals. Recently, the company organized a field trip for the University’s master’s program scholars to their project site.

Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer Mary, Brazil’s Celebrated Businessman

Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer or fondly known as Duda Melzer Mary is a common figure in Brazil’s economy. Coming from the great family tree of Sirotsky, it was almost definite that Duda would fit in the shoes of his old man perfectly, a fact he did not disappoint. Currently, Duda Melzer Mary is the Chairman and President of the RBS Group.

According to Estadao, RBS is a Brazilian media company that was founded by Maurício Sirotsky Sobrinho in 1957. Since its formation, the media company has been working around the clock to ensure that the Brazilian economy is provided with service, news, and entertainment content all year round through the television, radio, and newspaper channels. With the advancement of technology, the giant media company has incorporated online channels.

Duda has been instrumental to the RBS. With both experience and educational skills, he has been able to grow the company. Mr. Duda is a graduate of Pontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul (PUCRS), having attained a degree in Business Administration. Additionally, he is an MBA holder from the Harvard Business School in the United States where he also earned two additional executive course.

Duda started building his career at a tender age of 26 years. His first work assignment was as a Senior Financial Analyst with Delphi Corporation in 2002. He joined the family business in 2004 as the Group’s National Marketing Directory before later ascending to the position of Acting Vice President in the marketing and business development department in 2008. It is in 2010 that he assumed full responsibilities of the Vice President.

Apart from formal employment, Mr. Duda is also an entrepreneur and enjoys ownership in e.Bricks Digital a company that is responsible for the digital transaction of RBS.

Duda Melzer Mary is seasoned businessperson whose exemplary leadership skills will see the family operated business enjoy a good reputation in the industry many years to come.

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US Money Reserve Has A TV Show They Produced

US Money Reserve is a gold and silver bullion company that decided to give its audience a bigger look at all the benefits and facts about owning the precious metals. To do so they put together a television show in the Direct Response Television series titled “2016 Gold Summit.”

Similar to other summits, US Money Reserve had a team of experts including company Chairman Philip Diehl, John Rothans, and Brad Castillo that all weighed in on the importance of owning gold and silver assets and issues facing today’s economy. Like a debate, the summit was moderated by former TV host Larry King, and Michael Reagan the son of former President Reagan also weighed in on the summit.

US Money Reserve is based in Austin, TX and has become one of the largest sellers of precious metal bullion and commemorative materials. Anyone can learn how to invest in gold and silver once they have a look at the information that US Money Reserve provides in detail at their website and through customer service support.

The reason the company encourages investing in these metals is because today’s markets have a lot of volatility in them and it’s good to have a reliable investment in case the financial bubble bursts. Each precious metal has its own set of risks and rewards that are important to know about.

One of the entrepreneurs behind US Money Reserve’s outstanding service is Philip N. Diehl, a former US Mint Director appointed by former President Clinton who entered the private industry when his tenure was over.

Diehl had the high qualifications to be US Mint Director with his background in accounting at the Texas Comptrollers Office, and as Director of the US Mint Diehl started enacting new policies that increased the value of production and returned profits in the billions of dollars to consumers.

Diehl has also undertaken steps over the years to make the US Money Reserve’s website more accessible to visitors. It had a recent renovation that made it compatible for mobile devices in addition to computers and now visitors can find information on every subject regarding investing in precious metals and can also browse new photo galleries displaying the bullion and platinum coin. Learn more about US Money Reserve:

US Money Reserve also has a new customer service portal that allows customers to contact representatives at any time when they have questions or issues that need to be resolved. More information on the company can be found at

The Lung Institute Is Helping People Create Their Own Cure

Chronic illness has a way of taking a toll on people. It’s not just the fact that the conditions can be painful. It’s quite obvious from talking to anyone who suffers from them that chronic illness is painful. Instead, one of the most difficult parts of chronic illness is the sense of fighting against one’s own body. Patients are well aware of the fact that there’s something off in a very important part of their body. But nowhere is this effect as apparent as with people who suffer from chronic lung conditions. Someone who has a bad leg will often only suffer if they put weight on it. But someone suffering from chronic lung conditions will need to strain an ailing part of their body every few seconds.

This is one of the reasons why recent advancements from the Lung Institute are so important. They’re taking a medicine that has held potential and turning it into a practical reality. The medicine in question is stem cells. Most people have heard a lot about it over the years. However, it’s only very recently that some real world success has become apparent. There are quite a few reasons for it. One of the biggest simply comes down to distribution. It’s often difficult to get stem cells to the position they need to be at in order to help a patient.

However, the results of the Lung Institute speak for themselves. One of the main reasons behind this is that the Lung Institute in Baylor College of Medicine – Tampa already had extensive experience with delivering medicines to the lungs. Not just the inside of the lungs, but the exterior surfaces as well. As such they were able to create a new type of stem cell based treatment which uses the body’s own natural distribution systems to deliver stem cells.

The stem cells are first created from the patient’s blood or from their bone marrow. The newly created medicine is then given to the patients, where it’s recognized as a natural part of their body. From there it will be treated like something that should be in the lungs and taken to exactly where it needs to be. The stem cells then begin to repair damaged areas of the lungs while also fine tuning nearby processes. This allows actual healing to occur in an organ which needs to stay in constant action. Visit for more information.

How Securus Technologies is Helping Law Enforcement Solve Crimes

One of the biggest problems that I have working in the fugitive task force division is being able to get ahead of these suspects when they are planning to make or commit more crimes. The reason being is these fugitives have a support system that includes close friends, family, and even other fugitives, all working to keep this person from being caught. Trying to get leads from people is near impossible.


One of the ways that try to get information on what the suspect is up to is intercepting calls at the jail when other inmates are either calling them or chattering between each other. In the past, this has been an issue too because the inmates are well aware we are listening to the calls, so they simply begin speaking in code to throw us off the trail. While this was very successful in the past, it doesn’t work as well any longer.


The reason for the change in fortune for all players is simple, we had Securus Technologies recently install a new inmate communications system in our jails, and the results have been nothing short of spectacular. I was eager to be one of the first to use the new system because I personally had invested countless hours on one fugitive, and T was not going to sleep until he was in custody.


The team at Securus Technologies trained me on the LBS software, and within a week, the covert alert feature tipped me off that something was going down with our suspect. We arranged a team to be at the location where we discovered he was hiding. The conversation between two high-ranking gang members may have been in code, but the LBS software detected information right away. Before the suspect even knew what happened, he was cuffed, booked, and is awaiting trial for a laundry list of crimes.