Krishen Iyer is Cool

The attention that marketers bring to the U.S. health care may echo its growing significance in the industry. As the marketing and healthcare fields advance, it creates the need to incorporate focused professionals. The field contains many professional marketers who serve to aid agents and agencies of health insurance, with customer growth and relations. Krishen Iyer is one of them.

Krishen Iyer is the Managed Benefits Services‘ founder. The company is located in Fresno. It concentrates in marketing, leads and consulting in health and dental insurance. Iyer graduated from San Diego State University and is recognized for entrepreneurial shrewdness. He is also known for his expertise and experience in client relations, digital marketing and technical development.

Forbes’ takes a positive view on the possibility of marketers to help providers of insurance and taxpayers solve problems in the changing healthcare system. Marketers such as Krishen Iyer can utilize their special skills to deal with the problems that clients present.

The healthcare system of U.S. offers less health care access, lower equity, and administrative inefficiency compared to other countries. These are the UK and France among others. Such indicators can influence entrepreneurs like Iyer to utilize their innovative marketing abilities for change.

Marketers like Krishen Iyer can also help customers to get the market’s custom-designed and precise traffic lead. Additionally, his communication skills can help entrepreneurs to change and improve with time.

Forbes states that the U.S healthcare system does not offer positive experiences. The chances to change the healthcare system lie with the marketers because they know how to create unified experiences for their clients that they can affect. These can assist to attain the key performance indicators (KPI) that guide one in achieving the goal. When they can engage the customers and attain their KPIs, they may attain the anticipated revenue increase.

How Luiz Carlos Trabuco Makes Bradesco Thrive

     Since he is the CEO of Bradesco bank, Luiz Carlos Trabuco knows there are things he has to do to bring attention to the banking industry. He also knows what he can do to help other people and that’s how he feels good about the business. There are not many CEOs who are as involved as Luiz Carlos Trabuco is. He knows what he wants and he isn’t afraid to get it. Since Trabuco knows how to help people and feels like he is a big part of the bank, he can keep giving others an experience they might not get anywhere else no matter what they’re doing with the bank or how they’re experiencing different opportunities through the bank. It’s his goal of helping that makes him one of the best choices for a positive experience with the bank. He believes he is a good candidate to keep running the bank.

Even though many CEOs are not as involved as Luiz Carlos Trabuco, he doesn’t let that stop him. He knows what he needs to do to make the bank better and also knows there are positive experiences that can come from running the bank the right way. He always wanted people to see how he was doing a good job and how he was making things better for everyone who was in the industry. It made sense for him to keep showing people they were valuable and they were getting things others might not be able to experience.

After Luiz Carlos Trabuco took over as the CEO, he learned about what he could do and how he could help people. He always knew what he wanted to do with the bank and how he could make the bank the best it could be. With his help, the bank continued thriving and more people saw the things they could do on their own. Bradesco keeps getting better and keeps seeing the value of success. For Luiz Carlos Trabuco, the bank getting better is a testament to his success. With Bradesco, people can use a bank that’s successful and provides everyone with options they can use.


Trabuco Bradesco Works as the CEO of Bradesco

     As the CEO of Bradesco, Trabuco knows there are things he can do to make the bank better. Trabuco Bradesco work well together and that’s how they do things the right way. It’s his job to make the bank better and it allows him the chance to show people how they can make things easier for everyone. There were times when Trabuco had to make sacrifices on his own and that’s how he did everything he could to help people. Even though Trabuco knew what he needed to do to make Bradesco better, it took years of experience for him to come up with these ideas. There were times when the banking world was different for Trabuco. The ideas he had for the bank were focusing on how he could show other people what they could get and how he could make things easier for them. He also felt confident he was giving everyone a positive experience as long as they were a big part of the company.

The Trabuco Bradesco merger made sense for both the bank and the CEO. If they had a chance to work together, it would make things better. For Trabuco Bradesco, the bank just keeps getting better and Trabuco knows what he needs to do things the right way. The bank will continue getting better as long as Trabuco can keep making it easier on everyone. With the help of Trabuco, more people will have a chance to bank the right way with Bradesco.

After Trabuco Bradesco started working together, they knew what they could do and how they would provide a positive experience for their customers. The banking world has been getting better and Bradesco is reaching to meet those demands because of the hard work the men put in the bank. It makes sense for the CEO and the bank to work together so there will be more chances of success in the future. While they work together, they know what they can do to bring attention to the issues going on in the banking world with the opportunities people have for success.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco: The President of Bradesco Bank

     Too many people Luiz Carlos Trabuco is more than a president. For 70 years in the history of Bradesco, Trabuco is the fourth man to occupy the seat of the institution president, and heredity began by legendary Amador Aguiar. The position had been vacant since 2009, and now he has the accountability of leading the largest financial organization in Latin America with over R %900 billion assets and roughly 27 million account holders.

Born in Marlia and still the birthplace of Amador Aguiar, Luiz Carlos Trabuco exemplifies Bradesco way of life with a style and trajectory typical to every leader of the team. He studied at Faculty of Philosophy, Letter and Sciences of São Paulo with an undergraduate in Socio-Psychology at Fundação School of Politics and Sociology of São Paulo.

Trabuco stated working in the bank at the age of 18 in 1969. For over 40 years between the times he arrived until the time he got nominated for the presidency, he passed through most diverse roles. In 1984 he became the director of departments. In 1998 he was appointed as the Executive Managing Director. A year later, Trabuco was promoted to the role of executive vice president, and in 2003 March, he took over the management role of Bradesco Seguros, a position he maintained until he became the bank’s president.

Under his management, Bradesco Seguros reached its highest level. In just six years, the bank had doubled its size from an asset of R $32 billion in 2013 to an asset of $78 billion in 2008. In the first year of his administration, the equity returns rose from 22% to 29%all through its mandate, and it never decreased below 27%.

In 2015 Luiz Carlos Trabuco led the buying of HSBC, which has been registered as the largest business of the year as well as the largest purchase in the history of banks. Due to this, he was chosen as the Entrepreneur of the year in the category of finance by to É Dinheiro Magazine. Under his leadership, Unibrad has created a corporate university with an objective of qualifying the group’s executives and employees in a modified way. In 2017, Unibrad was nominated for GlobalICCU Awards as the best corporate university internationally. Trabuco was elected to be the chairman of Board of Directors after replacing Lázaro de Mello Brandão. He was the third president of organizational Council after Aguiar Amador and Lazaro Brandao.

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Trabuco, Passing President of Bradesco Bank

     Luiz Carlos Trabuco began working at Bradesco Bank as a clerk in 1968. Although only a teenager at the time, he had already graduated from college. In 2003, he was appointed a president of Bradesco de Seguros, Bradesco’s insurance branch. During the same year, he was one of Bradesco’s vice president. A few years later, the board of Bradesco began looking for a new CEO. Bradesco is well known to have an extremely rigorous and complex CEO search process. In the end, Trabuco was made CEO in 2009.

During his time as president of Bradesco Bank, he led the company to best its nearest competitor for the number one company in Brazil position by leading Bradesco to acquire HSBC. He is today considered one of the best business leaders in Brazilian history. And his bolstering of Bradesco has done more than just help Bradesco itself; it has significantly raised the entire Brazilian economy. He is still highly admired as one of the best ever in both trading and financing. He was only the fourth president of a Bank that had been going since the 40s.

For many years Bradesco had been the largest bank in Brazil. A few years prior to Trabuco’s assuming the top leadership position, Bradesco has lost this number one status to its nearest competitor, Itai Unibanco. After several years of bringing Bradesco back on top, last year he resigned the CEO position to fill the recently vacated position as president of Bradesco’s board. Under consideration were the company’s seven vice presidents. Following a long, rigorous search, the board appointed Octavio Lazari as the new CEO.

He officially assumed this role in March of this year. Like Trabuco, Lazari has also been serving as the president of Bradesco de Seguros. He is committed to building on the leadership legacy and strategy left by Trabuco. He will put his first focus on reforming the company’s pension plan. He is currently 54-years-old.

Bruno Fagali Broke Down What Real “Fake News” is and it’s Very Real Impacts on a Presidential Election

     Bruno Fagali is an Attorney in Brazil that specializes in Administrative, State, and Parliamentary Law. He currently serves as the Corporate Integrity Manager in Nova/SB and practices independently through his agency – FAGALI Advocacy. Bruno Fagali and Lucas Pedroso recently wrote an article about the impacts of the dreaded “FAKE NEWS” on the electoral process. Fake News is a term that has been coined by the United State’s embarrassment and chief, Donald Trump. The Donald used it to discredit real news outlets like CNN and NBC. He did this whenever they would report on real news stories that were less than flattering to the idiot and chief.

The article, The Fake News Threat by the TSE and it’s Newest Threat: the Deep Fakes. “Fake News” in this context talks about the very real threat that robot (automated profiles)social media accounts have on a Presidential Election. Brazil first felt the impact of these bot accounts in their 2014 elections that were heavily influenced by the malicious information disseminated by these robot accounts. They found that three of best candidates used up to 1,200 of these automated accounts to sway voters.

As if the robot accounts weren’t bad enough there is now an even bigger threat to finding authentic information on the internet now. The newest threat is called Deep Fakes. Deep Fakes are extremely dangerous; they are video’s that have Presidential candidates or celebrities faces implanted on someone else’s body in the video. So it makes the viewer think that someone videotaped this person in a compromising act. What makes these so dangerous is that they are easy to make, hard to identify that they’re not real, and the software is on a free app, called FakeApp, and a newer app called Lyrebird.

The TSE is The Superior Electoral Court(in Portuguese: Tribunal Superior Eleitoral). They are the highest authority in regards to Brazilian Electoral Justice. They have created a special council to find legal ways to combat “Fake News” in Brazil’s Presidential Elections and in general. As of right now, there is no law against the immorality of putting someone’s face on another person’s body, so the TSE’s special council is examining ways to rectify this.

Bruno Fagali is doing critical work by reporting on these robot accounts and apps. While everyday people are somewhat aware that everything they see on social media may not be real, this information is a much-needed reminder that we have to be vigilant in identifying the real from the fake. Just to put it in perspective the FakeApp has been downloaded over one hundred thousand times. And it will only increase if people like the TSE and Bruno Fagali don’t speak out and find ways to combat the Fake News no one will be safe.

Yastine Reviews Kennedy Accounts And Digital Security

Jeff Yastine is a financial analyst and writer who currently works as the editorial director for Banyan Hill Publishing. His interest in the financial market began while earning a degree in telecommunications from the University of Florida where he learned how to communicate complex financial news in a way that would help normal investors. Jeff Yastine spent the next two decades working in the financial field where he developed a unique investment strategy. He does extensive research to find little known ways to save money buying a financial product. He then uses his research to invest in companies that will be affected by broad market news. He was interviewed some of the most prominent financial figures such as Warren Buffett, and he was nominated for a Business Emmy Award in 2007. Read more articles by Jeff Yastine at Banyan Hill.

Jeff Yastine recently made a viral video about Kennedy Accounts. These are little known accounts that claim to offer stocks at major discounts. Yastine has researched these accounts, and he has found that these accounts are real and are solid investment options. Kennedy Accounts are a financial product created during the Kennedy Administration. They allow companies to directly sell stocks to investors rather than selling them through a brokerage. This benefits both companies and average investors as it allows them to avoid having to pay high commission fees that can wipe out returns for both investors and companies. There are currently four hundred and forty-nine companies that offer these direct stock buying options. These investments are underused because traditional brokerages do not offer them. This means that investors have the chance to purchase undervalued investments without having to pay commission prices.

Jeff Yastine also believes that digital security will soon become a major investment. This is due to an increasing use of digital currency, average people keeping their financial records on their computers, cloud storage of data, and the use of online tools for everything from bill payment to medical records. In addition, digital security is becoming a major issue due to numerous major digital security failures showing up in the news. This includes such things as the Equifax, Target, and Yahoo leaks. This has led to Jeff Yastine recommending that investors put money into digital security firms. These companies have an established need and will be increasingly needed in the future. In addition, the stock price of these investments will continue to rise as digital security increasingly becomes a major issue.



IDLife Founder And CEO Logan Stout: Entrepreneur, Author And Philanthropist

     IDLife founder and CEO Logan Stout is an entrepreneur, leadership trainer, best-selling author and philanthropist. He started the health and wellness company in 2014 and with the help of partners pro football player Troy Aikman, billionaire Darwin Deason and celebrity trainer Jen Widerstrom, IDLife has been able to help countless people understand the importance of consuming quality nutritional products to improve their health and wellness.

Logan Stout passionately wants to help others build and use quality leadership skills. To help with this, he wrote ‘Stout Advice: The Secrets to Building Yourself, People, and Teams‘. His goal for the book, which was released in 2013, is to inspire and empower readers and motivate them to strive to fulfill their God-given potential. Stout is a popular keynote speaker who has shared his team building, success and leadership principles with people all over the world. His words resonate with people and have a great deal of credibility because he has been able to generate billions of dollar in revenue through a variety of business endeavors.

In addition to his work with IDLife, Logan Stout is a former professional baseball player and CEO and founder of one of world’s largest youth sports organizations, the Dallas Patriots. Using world-class coaches and instructors, the organization teaches youth 6 to 18 how to play baseball. The Dallas Patriots also provides training and mentoring. Many of the youth that have participated in the organization’s programs have gone on to play baseball in college and in the major leagues. Many of them credit the guidance they received through the Dallas Patriots for helping them succeed.

A Frisco, Texas resident, Logan Stout is a husband and father of two sons. Very active in philanthropy, he’s involved with the American Heart Association of North Texas, the Collin County Boys and Girls Club, the Youth Athletes Foundation as well as many other charitable organizations. Guided by the motto ‘Live simply, love abundantly, give generously, and pray daily’, Logan Stout has had a positive impact on the lives of countless people worldwide. Philadelphia Life Magazine named Logan Stout their ‘Man of the Year’.


Alfonso de Angoitia And His Instrumental Input In The Growth Of Grupo Televisa

     Fifty-five-year-old Alfonso de Angoitia serves as a vice president and director of the largest media outlet in the Spanish-speaking world, running several subsidiary companies including TV Televisa and Televisa Radio.

Mr.Angoitia is among the longest serving executives of Grupo Televisa, having joined the board in April 1997. Before joining the board at Televisa, Alfonso de Angoitia worked at White and Case LLP and was a finding partner of one of Mexico’s top law firms, Mijares, Angoitia, Cortés y Fuentes, S.C.While here, he worked as the personal attorney to the CEO of Grupo Telivisa Emilio Azcárraga. Since then, the two have formed a strong friendship which is evidenced in his influential position at Grupo Televisa.

Alfonso de Angoitia has been very instrumental in laying down the financial and legal structures of Grupo Televisa. He is considered a key driver in the growth of the conglomerate. Mr.Angoitia was at the center of a $1.2 billion deal between Televisa and Univision , which gave Televisa a wider rich in the highly potential US Hispanic market.

.The VP of Grupo Televisa is also well known for his philanthropic activities and sits as the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Kardiasa. He is also a member of the American School Foundation Board of Trustees as well as a member of Fundación Mexicana para la Salud A.C and participates in several philanthropic causes.

As a major stakeholder in the media industry, Alfonso de Angoitiais a notable attendee and contributor to the Allen & Company Sun Valley Conference media summit that takes place in in Idaho. The conference brings together leading figures in the politics, business, culture and social activities and well-known philanthropists.

Mr. Angoitia’s lengthy experience in business has made him valuable assets in Grupo Televisa’s operations and as the digital space continues to influence media undertakings, his input will be prominently sought after.

Mexican Media Industry Rising

     Entertainment means big business whenever you are in Mexico, a nation home to 127 million people. Mexican media companies today are producing high quality programs which can be broadcasted internationally, and they are facing each other to deliver the best television programs that will produce the highest ratings. Programs that are channeled by the media companies in Mexico have been traditionally broadcasted through television and radio, but they have also shifted to use the internet as one of their platforms. Traditional journalists who are working with Mexican media companies are using the newspaper, television, radio, and more recently, the internet. There are a number of broadcasting networks in Mexico, and they often team up with other corporations like dubbing companies, publishing houses and radio stations to produce content that is being shared to the public.

Presently, there are several media companies operating in Mexico, and their numbers keep on rising. The most established ones are still dominating the industry, and they are either creating new sub channels or acquiring the smaller players. Televisa is the largest media company in Mexico, known for their phenomenal telenovelas that has spread all throughout the world. These telenovelas are responsible for taking the Mexican culture to the other side of the world, as far as South East Asia. Programs from Televisa often receive high ratings from people watching it overseas, and it helped the company gain positive reputation. Other key players in the Mexican media industry are TV Azteca and Grupo Imagen, who are working together with Televisa to improve the quality of broadcasting service in Mexico. Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero is one of the executives of Televisa, and he is responsible for the transformation of the company from focusing locally to becoming an internationally known media giant. He oversees the financial aspects of the company, and Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero also helped the company tap foreign markets overseas. Being the current chief financial officer of Televisa, Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero stated that they will continue dominating the industry by producing high quality programs for their audience.