José Borghi is a creative marketing professional.

The founder and creative genius behind Mullen Lowe, one of Brazil’s most exciting, outstanding and renowned promotional enterprises, is Jose Borghi. One of his distinguished and engaging publicity productions, was called “Mammals Parmalat”. In this advertisement, small children were masquerading as stuffed animals, all the while, singing trendy Brazilian songs.

Jose’s thriving success, inside the publicity community, started, when Jose was just a little boy. His sister came to him one day, to convince him to come with her, to observe a production that displayed many video productions, each of which, were celebrated, throughout his homeland of Brazil. His sister’s wish, was for these accomplished videos, to encourage Jose to discover a vocation that would make the most use of his imagination. The videos, displayed celebrated , that had each, earned their creators notoriety at the Cannes Film Festival, in the form of statue awards. These awards, were in the form of gold lions, which spellbound the young Jose. When he witnessed those attractive lion shaped awards, he realized that he desired to be a highly creative producer for commercials, himself.

Jose earned a degree in Advertising while attending the esteemed PUC-Campinas. He entered into his first job, in 1989, laboring at the prominent Standart Ogilvy. Jose soon, expanded his vocation experience by working at such distinguished firms, as Talent and Leo Burnett, among others. He ultimately paired with his partner, Erh Ray. Together, they founded their own marketing firm and named the agency after their collective names, BorghiErh.

Their venture, was successful and eventually bought by the firm, Lowe. The name of their company was altered to Borghi Lowe. The agency thrived in Brazil and gained recognition around the world. They merged again, with Lowe & the Mullen Group, to form Mullen Lowe.