Securus Technologies uses technology to fight high-tech threats

The last 50 years have seen the proliferation and adoption of high technology throughout nearly every industry in the United States. Even industries not normally associated with high computational requirements, like agriculture and steel manufacturing, have been revolutionized by technology. This has also been true throughout the nation’s prison system where technology has been rapidly transforming the way in which inmates are housed and how the general public is protected from the most dangerous criminals.


Being a corrections officer has never been an easy job. But prior to the advent of things like self-opening and locking doors and closed-circuit, high-definition television, being a guard in one of the nation’s high-security prisons was often among the most dangerous jobs that one could do. Riots in New York, New Mexico, Colorado and elsewhere claimed the lives of hundreds of corrections officers between 1900 and 1990. Many of these riots resulted from inmates being able to overpower officers while they were performing routine duties that made them vulnerable, such as manually locking doors or transporting dangerous prisoners without specialized gear.


However, prisons began incorporating a great deal of technology starting in the 1980s. Modern prisons are often run from a central guard station where two or three guards can effectively control thousands of inmates through the use of remote door opening and locking mechanisms and a large bank of high-definition CCTV monitors.


But the march of high technology has also proven to be a challenge to modern prisons. One of the areas in which this has been true has been the proliferation of cheap and easily concealable cellphones. These devices have flooded the nation’s prisons over the last 20 years, creating serious problems that have threatened the safety and security of these institutions.


Cellphones have proven to be particularly dangerous once they have fallen into the hands of highly organized gang leaders. There, the phones have been used to order the intimidation of witnesses, assassination of rivals, conduction of high-level drug deals and even the harassment, assault and murder of prison staff. Organized criminal gangs being able to communicate with their foot soldiers on the outside of prison has been one of the most serious threats that have emerged to the nation’s prison system in recent decades.


Now, Securus Technologies, one of the most important providers of inmate communications services and prison security solutions in the country today, has unveiled a product that it calls the Wireless Containment System. This product is able to completely block any illegal cellular communications taking place within its operational radius. It is the first device ever created that has the proven capability to completely eliminate the threat posed by contraband cellphones in the nation’s jails and prisons.

Securus Technologies, Putting People First

Securus Technologies, the company that’s been connecting people for many years, has undergone some recent enhancements. The company has acquired another major player, GovPayNet. This company processes payments for governmental agencies and has been around for over 20 years. Examples of the types of payments processed include cash bail, probation, court fees, and traffic citations. Combined with the communications services offered by Securus, the companies anticipate even more growth. JPay is another company also recently acquired by Securus Technologies. The company has been working on technology, however, previously specialized in money transfer and prepaid money services.


All three of the companies are working towards getting wireless containment systems in facilities. The WCS technology is important because it adds safety and security by blocking contraband cell phones. Working as a cell tower, the caller is unable to connect with the appropriate cell tower to complete the call. The caller is then notified that the call has been disconnected. Numerous crimes and even a murder have been traced back to contraband wireless devices, so this project is of the utmost importance. There are even people trying to make the technology required by law in facilities. Although it’s still being tested, the devices have been noted as having very promising results.


Even with all the recent improvements, Securus Technologies still remains focused on the people it serves. Since customers keep their business going, they’ve been constantly working to keep everyone happy. In recent years, the company has been able to reduce the once burdensome cost of keeping in touch with those who are incarcerated. Alternative solutions which are even more cost-effective have been implemented as well. Among these are email, voicemail, and video visitation. Monitoring services are another feature that helps their internal customers, the employees of facilities, do their jobs easier and better. With so many advancements, Securus Technologies is certainly headed for a bright future.


Customer Comments Initiate Securus Technologies Features

Why should you feel like you’re being punished with excessive fees from your current inmate calling network provider? You can easily become a part of the popular Securus Technologies network by visiting their website and choosing from a descriptive tab of features initiated by customer feedback and comments. That’s right; their customers leave comments on their website forum and Securus initiates their services according to what helps their customers financially and in an effort to reduce the time it takes to communicate with an inmate. For example, the eliminate the need for their customers commuting around town looking for a third party authorized inmate calling provider.


Popular Customer Securus Technology


There are so many popular features at Securus Technologies that it is hard to pinpoint one feature that is preferred over another, but customer comments have shown they have referred some features as cost saving and user friendly to other users. For instance, their online photo options allows inmates the option of receiving one photo or up to 5 at a time according to the facility they’re being housed in. Give them a glimpse of how their family is doing on the outside with a simple photo.


Securus Introduces New Popular Customer Technology

Securus Technologies CEO, Rick Smith told PEN Newswire their customers are using their website to initiate crime prevention and leaving their comments about their most popular technology. They have been able to use their customer service forum for features which have saved them time and money. Securus understands the need to put their customers first and make them an active part of their network by giving them feedback options. To date, they have grew their nationwide audience to over 256,000+ customers and growing. Enjoy real customer preferred services from actual users of the Securus Technologies network.


Preferred Securus Technologies Services


If you join the Securus family and would like to know what services work best for you, visit their feedback forum on their website and hear what others have to say about their network. Their services are equally as popular, but some services and features tend to stand out. For example, they have enjoyed being able to enjoy leaving friends and family in a correctional facility a message. Drop by to say hello or halo them follow the progress of their child. Become a part of a reliable network and leave your customer comments on the Securus Technologies website today.


Securus Technologies One of the Most Reliable Technology Firms in the Inmate Communication Sector

There are many inmate communications firms out there in the United States, but one of the most trusted names in the correctional industry is that of Securus Technologies. The company has till date served over a million inmates and continued to be one of the most preferred choices among the prisoners looking for reliable and economic correctional services and inmate communication services provider.


Securus Technologies has won the hearts of its customers by providing them reliable connectivity and host of inmate communication services to choose from. Some of the most popular inmate communication services offered by Securus Technologies include video visitation service, calling cards, money transfer service, photo sharing service, video services, phone services, and more. The company has over seventy patents to its name and has invested more than $600 million in the last few years, which has made it one of the most innovative and cutting-edge technology firms in the correctional industry.


Securus Technologies understands the correctional industry well and conducts researches and surveys to ensure that the products it is creating can meet the clients’ requirements completely. The customer satisfaction rate of the services offered by Securus Technologies is very high, and Securus Technologies has also received the highest ratings from the Better Business Bureau. Moreover, Securus Technologies is also the winner of the Gold Stevie Award for the best customer service, and it won the award the first time it participated in this highly competitive event. It showcases the strict parameters and the high standards that the company maintains internally to provide best products and services to the end users.


The law enforcement officers also love Securus Technologies due to the investigative services and solutions it provides. It is evident from the excerpts of letters of appreciation sent by the law enforcement officers that were recently disclosed by Securus Technologies through a press release is published online.



Securus Innovation Keeping Us All Safer

We have a terrible problem with crime inside of our prisons and you may be shocked by who is committing these crimes. The most common crime committed in our prison systems is contraband. Whether it is alcohol, cigarettes, drugs or weapons, contraband can be a danger to the prison population and the prison guards.


You may be shocked to learn that the prison guards themselves often serve as the source for this contraband. Many prison guards make an extra income by smuggling goods into the prison where they are employed. And when a prison guard is the source of contraband, it can be very difficult to stop.


One of the best tools ever invented to fight the flow of contraband caused by prison guards has been innovated by Securus Technologies. It is a simple idea but very difficult to implement. I applaud Securus for inventing this software technology.


Securus starts by recording every single phone call involving a prisoner inside a corrective facility. These phone calls are stored in an impressively large database. The software innovation allows law enforcement to automatically search this entire database using one recorded voice. The software develops a fingerprint of sorts from a person’s recorded voice. The software then digs into the database looking for that person’s voice and is able to pull up every single recorded telephone call that involves a particular individual.


If law enforcement has a lead on a specific person who has been caught with contraband then they can turn to this technology. They can pull up every single phone call this person has ever made which may lead them to the source of the contraband. This source may be a prison guard. The recorded telephone calls are enough to get a search warrant that could effectively stop the flow of contraband.

How Securus Technologies is Helping Law Enforcement Solve Crimes

One of the biggest problems that I have working in the fugitive task force division is being able to get ahead of these suspects when they are planning to make or commit more crimes. The reason being is these fugitives have a support system that includes close friends, family, and even other fugitives, all working to keep this person from being caught. Trying to get leads from people is near impossible.


One of the ways that try to get information on what the suspect is up to is intercepting calls at the jail when other inmates are either calling them or chattering between each other. In the past, this has been an issue too because the inmates are well aware we are listening to the calls, so they simply begin speaking in code to throw us off the trail. While this was very successful in the past, it doesn’t work as well any longer.


The reason for the change in fortune for all players is simple, we had Securus Technologies recently install a new inmate communications system in our jails, and the results have been nothing short of spectacular. I was eager to be one of the first to use the new system because I personally had invested countless hours on one fugitive, and T was not going to sleep until he was in custody.


The team at Securus Technologies trained me on the LBS software, and within a week, the covert alert feature tipped me off that something was going down with our suspect. We arranged a team to be at the location where we discovered he was hiding. The conversation between two high-ranking gang members may have been in code, but the LBS software detected information right away. Before the suspect even knew what happened, he was cuffed, booked, and is awaiting trial for a laundry list of crimes.