OSI Industries & Turi Foods Merger Opens New Doorways

In May, 2018, Turi Foods, one of Australia’s biggest and most prominent poultry processors, and OSI Industries completed a 50/50 merger. It was smart and calculated move for both organizations. OSI Industries supplies retail stores and fast food restaurants in the Asia-Pacific region with a variety of meats, and Turi Foods is known throughout Australia for providing their quality poultry to restaurants and other sales outlets throughout the country. No two businesses could be better suited for joining together in what is being heralded as a sharp-witted move not only by OSI Industries President David G. McDonald and Sam Cuteri, chairman of Turi Foods, but by the entire food industry.

The merger will not only allow Turosi to offer a wider variety of poultry products to consumers and but will give the company a much larger customer base and food readiness factor. OSI Industries in trade will be endowed with the knowledge that the family owned and operated poultry legend has accumulated over the years in terms of raising chickens and processing poultry products. The merger also creates additional opportunities for reducing costs produced in the supply chain, analyzing and optimizing operations to run at their peak ability and for maximizing profits in the following years.

McDonald’s was OSI’s leading client in the late 1970s when Sheldon Lavin was asked by the fast food corporation to devote himself fully to OSI. Lavin soon became the CEO and chairman of OSI, a move that reassured McDonald’s as they prepared for international growth. As the company’s partners retired Lavin first gained one half of the voting control over the company and finally took complete controlling interest over OSI when the last remaining partner chose to retire.

“OSI and Turi Foods have determined that a shared ownership will enable the organization,” said Turi Foods chairman Sam Cuteri in another article, “whose cultures are similar, to share their expertise to build a world-class food solution group. We look forward to bringing together the dedicated teams at OSI and Turi Foods.”

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