Role of Rocketship Education in an expansion of education.

Rocketship Education, based in California is a network that serves children with low income and less disadvantaged who have no access to more celebrated schools that works under the public k-5 charter. It is determined to meet the unique needs of all students enrolled by using adaptive technology, targeted tutoring and a blend of traditional instruction. Rocketship works with the objective of transforming students and also educating them. It is also concerned with empowering teachers and engaging parents in their operations and therefore inspiring the communities. For years, it has expanded rapidly to different parts targeting over 25,000 low-income students. Just as any other charter and district networks, Rocketship works under similar conditions that are; long hours, tight discipline, ritualistic classroom protocol, and high pressure. It is among the most charter networks that are nationally applauded. This model revolves around class management, use of technology and intervention.

Rocketship has raised the alarm on educators and the people who are with new techniques of teaching and learning. It is concerned with educators who have significant responsibilities on the children and their lives. They have contributed to devolving the culture of the classroom by setting bathroom breaks for the students and enforcing silent time. Their class management in classes is an approach of strict rules and rigid routines that help stay focused on achievement. Therefore this as a habit has enhanced expertise in teachers for the first years. Rocketship works by preparing teachers who hold a high level of discipline by holding boundaries with students. On the part of technology use, students at Rocketship have utilized as Lexia, my, ST Math, and Dreambox programs. Students at Rocketship are comfortable with technology as they use the lab rotation model where teachers give control and instructions on technology use. This has helped in helping students acquire and strengthen specific skills. Integrating New technologies in teaching and learning practices are a point to be considered. On intervention, Rocketship is at the forefront of ensuring the certified and qualified teachers are given the responsibilities of managing groups of students and by doing so increasing the efficiency in schools.