Discover The Popular OSI Food Group To Feed Your Family

Discover A Great Diet With The Food Group Leaders

Just what goes into processed food? You never have to question what’s in your food with the popular OSI Industries Food Group. They have been able to feed millions of people a smart diet from the rules set by the food industry. Their food service team specializes in safety and quality. Their excellence in the food service industry has helped OSI Food Solutions become the recipients of the 2016 Globe of Honour Award from the British Council. If it’s an OSI brand, it’s a meal you can trust to feed your family.

OSI Food Solutions Group Business News

There was a fight for the popular European good industry, but OSI was able to stand out. OSI was able to acquire the popular Flagship Europe food processing plant. They will process their restaurant items from their largest food service plant. They’re proud to be marketing their organic food products to the India food group. Another successful international business deal includes their merger with Baho Foods. They reached out to the Baho Food Group with a deal that was hard to refuse. They’ve both, expanded their business portfolio.

Recent OSI Food Solutions Executives

There are many highly corporate professionals that have played a part in the development and growth of their food processing industry, but their Chief Executive Officer, David McDonald, has played a key role in the international growth of OSI. He has been able to work alongside their Chief Operating Officer, Sheldon Lavin. He in fact, was behind the successful Tyson food merger. They were able to take over a Chicago, Tyson chicken plant and nearly, double their chicken production. Learn more about a diverse job opportunity with OSI by visiting their exclusive website for details. Trust the OSI Food Solutions Group to feed your customers.