Johanan Rand and What Doctors Should Do When Doing Their Ethical Duty

Medicine is an age-old practice and has been transferred through experts, practitioners and ancient elders to make its methods even more robust to errors. Without the contribution of the risk takers and conscientious medical practitioners today, these advancements to medicine may be hard to accomplish. In fact, the progressive treatment that the world enjoys today would only just be a dream if the physicians of the past didn’t attempt to push the frontier of medicine. One of the most convincing, dedicated and compelling medical professionals in the industry today who have the attributes we stated above is Johanan Rand.


There are credited research work out there pointing out the modern contributions of Johanan Rand, but right now, his expertise in physical medicine and rehabilitation have been the most effective and cultivating in the medical practice to date. He is definitely one of the most respected physicians in his medical community, and not just because he went to the Albert Einstein Medical Center that’s based in New York. There are many cultured doctors that may have the same level of skillset as Dr. Rand, but what sets him apart up to this day is that he uses integrative approaches or commonly known in medical parlance as “high-touch”. Only him can make this method precise. Only Dr. Rand seems to be able to program it in the most holistic form that best treats the issues of his patients.


There are many contexts or areas of practice in the field of rehab and physical therapy, but the good thing about Dr. Rand’s work is that he is able to deal with the rehab issues of his patients with the least amount of surgery or invasive procedure needed. Other doctors automatically operate. Other physicians would go for the most risky way of treating the low-level acute medical issues and maladies of the patients that are best left to naturally heal. Not Dr. Rand. For pressure sore management and symptoms of chronic pain and overuse, he makes sure that he focuses on the least risky way of treatment.


Truly, the multidisciplinary training of Johanan Rand shows in this kind of approach, helping lots of patients overcome symptoms of disruptive afflictions, like fibromyalgia and Parkinson’s disease.



IC Systems: The Engine, The Fuel and The Beacon of Women Empowerment

IC Systems is one of today’s few companies that do their best to make sure that the corporate sector is inclusive of the female workplace. It is inferred that a company that integrates both the male and female workforce provide a creative aspect to a company that brings the best out of it.

There are many companies today that offer such value for women, but IC Systems stands out because it puts a lot of policies in place that push female empowerment as part of the company’s core.


Founded by Ruth Erickson with her husband Jack, the company IC Systems is now being led as a company that offers a beacon for the female workforce to get the opportunities that may have been deprived from them in other companies. It should also be stated here that the role of women has long been instrumental in the growth of IC Systems. From personally advertising the services to small companies when it started, Ruth didn’t let the fact that she’s female stop her from growing a business of her own. Ruth was able to lead the company first as a one-person salesforce, but also a source of inspiration to business start-ups who want to integrate women in their company.

It is also the strong ethical foundation and effective integration of women in the company that makes IC Systems widely attractive to other people looking for better career options. The endorsement of IC Systems from the Massachusetts Dental Society and the Texas Medical Association are also an incredible stamp of quality of the company’s business process. Right now, more professional associations have given IC Systems the needed trust that it requires to sustain its success.


About IC Systems


In 1938, Ruth and Jack Erickson makes it a part of their guiding principle to offer the most ethically produced products that the markets need. With three generations that have gone through the leadership and management of IC Systems, the products that IC Systems offers in the industry of accounts receivable recovery. One of the sources of pride of IC Systems today is to be able to the first collection agency in the U.S. to replace their typewriters with computers.


TeenSafe A Must-Have App for Parents

The usage of mobile phones amongst the teenagers and young kids has increased drastically in the past few years. Starting from watching cartoons on the Youtube to staying busy on the social networking platforms, there are just endless reasons why the teenagers today are just glued to their phone. Considering the situation of the world today, the parents are left with little alternative but to give their teenager kids with phones to ensure they stay in the know of where they are when kids are coming back from school/college if they are safe, and during any emergencies. Mobile phones give parents’ peace of mind as it helps them stay connected to their kids round the clock.


However, the smartphones today are used for much more than just calling and it is what can be a source of evil into the lives of the young kids. There are many predators out there who feed on the innocence of these young kids. The world of internet is getting more and more unsafe for the kids and teenagers, and there are many people out there who prey on such young kids for various malicious reasons. Starting from social networking platforms to photo sharing sites and more, there are predators and scammers everywhere out there. It is where TeenSafe comes in. It is one of those apps that would help the parents stay in the know of the online interactions of their kids so that corrective measures can be taken at the right time in case of any wrongdoing.


With the help of TeenSafe, the parents can know about the different apps that are installed and used on the phone of their kids, and if it impacts the family negatively. TeenSafe provides comprehensive information about the phone usage of their kids and ensures that any harmful pattern or online interactions are reported before it’s too late. As the times are changing, it is necessary for the parents to have the right tools to combat with the perils of the internet and the modern world. TeenSafe has become essential for the busy parents, who want to give their kids space, but also wants to ensure that their innocence is not exploited online.


Perry Mandera: Why Quality Matters, The Ability To Extend A Hand and The Power of Guidance for Children

Running a business requires consolidated efforts of people, institutions, firms, partners and entities that are so complex, it is almost not surprising why many businesses don’t fly today because of them. Because of these challenges, companies go bankrupt. Without the strength of a company to deal with the continuous unceasing and difficult hurdles in running a business, the products we enjoy today wouldn’t have existed. One of the more remarkable, composed and cutting-edge business leaders in the industry who acquire the strengths to withstand the challenges above is Perry Mandera.


Perry Mandera’s name have come out in different parts of the industry in many forms and titles. People may already more popularly know his name from being the renowned founder and CEO of the Custom Companies, Inc., a state-of-the-art, multi-purpose transportation provider that deals with big-ticket clients, mostly those belonging in the list of Fortune 100 companies today. The corroborated efforts of the leaders, executives and workforce of Custom Companies would attribute a large chunk of their success for how Perry Mandera is able to guide them in all the aspects of their operations.


What most people don’t hear too much about, though, about Perry Mandera today is his charity work for The Mercy Home for Boys and Girls. This is mainly because Mr. Mandera believes in the anonymity of charity giving, and that the virtue of helping should not be something that is merchandised or even announced. However, this doesn’t discount the fact that Mr. Mandera is able to push the research for eradicating cancer, supporting groups like The American Cancer Society and The Breast Cancer Research Foundation to get the support that they need or even deserve.


The Mercy Home for Boys and Girls is also one of the most highly productive and inspiring charity groups today that help children of neglect and abuse get the support they need for them to function well in society. Founded in 1887, it has always been the unceasing, quality and desirable mission of the charity group to mentor children, look after their continued care and find them a suitable residential abode that’s conducive to their wellbeing.


“The Successful Real Estate Developer Known As Lee May Beamridge”

When it comes to real estate, Lee May Beamridge sure knows what he’s doing. Lee is dedicated to helping out others from his community in a worldwide effort to assist them every step of the way. Even though the world of real estate can get a bit rough sometimes he says it’s nothing compared to his business dealings in London. Utilizing good business ethics to hone in on his skills as a successful real estate developer.


Recently Lee May has been involved with a development project of over six-hundred apartments located in the Eastern part of London. And handling another one-thousand units in Essex alone. Helping him to reach the goal of becoming a highly successful real estate developer in the entire South Eastern section of London. May has an eagle eye for real estate ventures, using is personal intuition and skills in the hopes of gaining notoriety on a global scale. And it appears that he is doing just that. Thanks to a recent real estate transaction between Lee May Beamridge and Hong Kong, he’s beginning his successful business trek towards international waters.


This man is wise beyond his years! Taking the intelligence he has been blessed with and striving towards a fulling life. Lee May also has a LinkedIn account as well. Where his loyal followers can gain more insight on Mr. Beamridge. For instance, an interesting LinkedIn tidbit tells about his twenty some years of experience working with industry of construction. It also discusses his recent position as Chief Advisor with Beamridge Ltd. Working diligently to provide them with optimum results. Combining his skills and working with the Board of Directors to become one of the best developers in today’s real estate world.


On his LinkedIn page May also has additional links that redirects visitors to special training programs. Giving individuals the opportunity to better themselves for the future ahead. Some of which being geared towards Social Work and Bookkeeping. There is also an additional link for those seeking a career in another field of study.


Lee May Beamridge is a good role model in the world of business. A person who knows exactly what he wants out of life! Not only picturing his personal goals, but actually going above and beyond to achieve them.


Custom Companies and Shipping Proficiency

Custom Companies is a business that hails from the Midwestern region of the United States. It has a main office in Northlake, Illinois. Northlake is a Cook County city that’s not far at all from Chicago. Custom Companies has been in operations since the middle of the eighties. It was established in 1986. It’s a transportation firm that accommodates shippers’ requirements via offering quality care.


There are quite a few options in customized services accessible through Custom Companies. Custom Companies proves the value of its name in that way. The company’s customized specialties include expedited ground, contract cartage, warehousing, truck loads, “pick and pack,” logistics management, local cartage and intermodal assistance. It offers a number of useful customized international services as well. These include trade show, hot shot assistance, expedited ground and air freight. People can turn to the Custom Companies team for assistance with a wide range of offerings. CDN (Content Delivery Network) services are a big specialty as well. The team members who work for the firm know a lot about both truckload and refrigerated truckload matters.


People who work with Custom Companies can also opt for a handful of choice direct services if they wish. Choice direct specialties include file processing, assistance with DSMS (Drop Shipment Management Systems), destination entry help and even co-palletization.


Custom Companies’ air freight proficiency draws in many customers. The team can manage all varieties of expedited requirements. It assists people who are searching for convenient same day shipping. It assists those who are interested in hassle-free next day shipping as well.


People who want to find first-class managed transportation assistance regularly reach out to the staff at Custom Companies. Businesses that are searching for companies that have significant knowledge that relates to carrier grading requirements often make the decision to get in touch with Custom Companies.


The people who are on Custom Companies’ staff can talk in great detail about all types of warehousing matters. They know how to navigate the goods distribution world. They understand all matters that pertain to routing, labeling and beyond as well. Custom Companies is serious about efficiency.


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How Custom Companies Uses Technology to Better Serve Customers

Jorge Moll Explains Why You Are Probably unselfish in a world of selfish people

Every human being has their own unique personalities. As much as there may be common characteristics, each person has their distinctive attributes that do not match with others.


What we probably have never known is that the physical layout of our brains determines the kind of behavior we display. This can be in terms of giving, response to situations, and general behavior. Jorge Moll, a neuroscientist, through his research has given some insights of how two things are related, that is, the brain physique and behavior. The art of generosity is one of the moral behaviors which the layout of one’s brain determines. This is an aspect that differentiates human beings from other animals.


Jorge Moll has discovered that during pleasurable activities like sex and eating, a certain part of the brain is activated. The same part also gets activated when one makes a decision that is aimed at benefiting others. According to this explanation, the brain portion is only activated if one is giving out something willingly and gladly. Ethical issues as well as differentiating right and wrong are also discussed.

Jorge uses Magnetic Resonance Imaging in his research process on human behavior and the physical nature of the brain. Issues like decision making, philanthropy, ethical behavior, and the general state of mind are some of the areas that Jorge focuses on. His Institute of Research and Education based in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil is the greatest facility used in conducting research.


Who is Jorge Moll?


Jorge Moll is one of the greatest neuroscientists that mainly focus on research on human behaviors as related to the neurological system. He is an active director and member of organizations like D’Or Institute of Research and Education, the Brazilian Academy of Sciences, the International Neuroethics Society, and Stanford Neuroscience Institute.


Jorge Moll went to The Federal University in Rio de Janeiro where he obtained a Masters degree in Neuroscience as well as his residency. Later, Jorge obtained a Ph.D. in Experimental Pathophysiology from Sao Paulo University. He is passionate about research, education, and healthcare. He founded the Cognitive and Behavioral Neuroscience Unit (CBNU). ‘Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication’ is Jorge’s favorite quote.


Understanding the Impact of the Melt-Up with Stansberry Research

‘’Welcome to the Melt-Up.’’ Those were the words of one Steve Sjuggerud, a frequent reader and commentator of Stansberry Research during a speech in New York. According to Sjuggerud, the melt-up is characterized by a dramatic and unexpected shift of events including an improvement in the performance of investment and assets. This improvement will mostly be driven by a stampede of viable investors willing to cash in their money on different investment dockets that of course, are beneficial in all ways. Gains made by this market shift are too often considered unreliable when it comes to indicating the actual market shift of the business. Ultimately speaking, the melt-up always happens right before a meltdown.


Enjoying the Market Shift


Nevertheless, this does not mean that investors should not enjoy the melt up as it looks like there is still time ahead. If you are wondering how factual this is, then Steve Sjuggerud is here to explain it; so far, there have been no daunting indications of having a meltdown any time soon as the early indications of the melt-up still stand out. These early indicators are still showing up. The measure shows that more stocks are escalating and not going down.




The analogy of the melt up is pegged on the fact that everyone should be prepared for the eventualities of the outcomes. This is because while too often the stock market commentators are right, anything can happen at any point. So it is critical for investors to weigh the possibilities of the market shifts either dwindling or shooting up before putting their resources to any use. Notably, Steve Sjuggerud implores everyone to be keen on the shift.


More on Stansberry Research


Stansberry is a privately held company that offers various market predictions to guide investors on the right decisions to make regarding different market shifts. With its central office in Baltimore, the company has additional offices in California, Oregon and then Florida. Over and above, the company capitalizes on investment research. Through various research programs, Stansberry Research issues viable advice regarding the right investment docket to put money and other constructive resources.

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Ian King Reveals Robinhood Being a Market Disruptor

Commission-Free Trading

Today there is a more significant opportunity for the novice investor to make his investments count two-fold. By surrounding themselves with experts in the finances, they are seeking they can reduce the amount of loss significantly at the starting gate. According to Ian King, there is another practical way in which investors can make significant change reducing their initial losses, and that is to use a commission-free app like Robinhood. Commission fewer investment apps are becoming more well known and used; they are similar to Robinhood, but Robinhood was the first to take a commission out of the trade cycle and depend upon ad revenue to fund their cause. Read more articles by Ian King at

Medieval Folktales Comes to Modernity

Like the Medieval Folktale Persona, this app allows merely an investor to buy stocks and trade them without a fee. There are some exceptions which are spelled out in Robinhood. Ian King believes that Robinhood and its competitors are shaking up the market and may cause some trouble to commission-based companies that have for years depended upon commissions to support their workforce. Regarding trading cryptocurrencies, Robinhood just rolled out a different version of their commission-free investment app, which allows a person to trade cryptocurrencies without a fee.

Coinbase and Charges for Cryptocurrency Transactions

When Coinbase first showed up, it was a huge help to those who wanted to see cryptocurrency sorted out. An investor could find what they needed, while at the same time keep track of their digital wallet, yet there have been some criticisms about Coinbase since they charge a small amount on a cryptocurrency transaction.

Robinhood to the Rescue

In response to the Coinbase’ charging its investors for cryptocurrency transactions, Robinhood has extended its no-fee cryptocurrency trading in select states, hopefully putting into motion a form of cryptocurrency trading more in keeping with the investor.

Ian King

Banyan Hill Publishing invited Ian King to join their experts in 2017, specifically to lead their Crypto Profit Trader, which helps investors steer clear of trouble areas in cryptocurrency investing and show how the investor can take advantage of changes in cryptocurrency changes.



Brazilian Entrepreneur Flavio Maluf Comes From A Long Line Of Successful Entrepreneurs

The Maluf name is well-known in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Back in the 1940s and 1950s, a small sawmill in a small town in the state of Sao Paulo was cutting eucalyptus wood for clients. It was a busy sawmill because Salim Maluf wasn’t the kind of businessman that let an order sit around the sawmill for very long. View

Salim Maluf realized the excess wood from the eucalyptus trees he cut was just sitting in a pile in a corner of the sawmill, so he decided he would do something with it. Salim decided to cobble a wood ceiling tile out of the excess wood, and when the ceiling tile looked professional enough, he began to market it to his sawmill clients. That first professional eucalyptus ceiling tile was the start of Eucatex, the international building material supplier.

The Maluf family started Eucatex in the 1960s, and it didn’t take long for builders to recognize the value and the durability of the wood ceiling tiles. Builders in Argentina heard about the tiles, so the Maluf clan set up an export business to meet the demand.

German builders also heard about the ceiling tiles. Before the Maluf’s got a firm handle on the demand for ceiling tiles in Brazil, they were shipping tiles to other countries.

Flavio Maluf, Salim’s grandson, didn’t join the company until 1987. By that time, Eucatex had several products on the international market, but the company lacked creativity and vision, according to some of the company’s clients.

When Flavio got his feet on the ground in the Eucatex organization, the company started to expand its product base. Flavio used his mechanical engineering degree to help develop other products that would complement the now-famous eucalyptus ceiling tiles.

The rest of Flavio’s story is still playing out on the world’s building material stage. Thanks to Flavio’s creativity and insight, Eucatex is a brand that home improvement stores around the globe depend on.

But Brazilians depend on Eucatex not just for their extensive product selection, but for planting eucalyptus tree farms and for developing educational programs for kids as well as for adults in Brazil. Flavio Maluf is an international business leader as well as a humanitarian, environmentalists and a strong believer in human kindness.

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