The Growth Of The OSI Industries In Europe

OSI Industries is the largest food company in the world. It is also one of the top businesses in the US. OSI is ranked at number #58 out of the top 100 private companies in the country. It is the only food production company that appears on the list. When it is about food production, no company can do it like OSI.

They have perfected the art of meeting the needs of the consumers by doing research and what the consumers want and giving them exactly that. Food sales have supported the growth of the company that it is making every year. The sales have supported its growth into 17 countries in different continents.

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OSI Industries is a key player in the food business. It continues to show its muscles in the foods business by acquiring other companies in regions where it is trying to take over. In Europe, there is serious activity going on. The company wants to penetrate the market by all means possible. The initial step they have taken is to acquire one of the main companies in the region. They started with the acquisition of Baho Foods before moving Flagship Europe.

The acquisition of the two companies will change the tune for the operations of the company in Europe. It will have an opportunity to use the influence of the two to penetrate and introduce its brands. The partnership according to David McDonald, the COO of the company is aimed at ensuring that there is sufficient business for all partners. While OSI Industries will gain from the market enjoyed by the two, they will gain from the resources that OSI has.

OSI Industries has also expanded one of its facilities in Spain to meet an increase in demand for chicken products. Consumers want more of chicken product, and that is what OSI want to deliver. They have added a high capacity production line that will double production of chicken products. The move was necessitated by consumer data that showed a further increase in demand for chicken products from the six percent to eight percent annually.

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Chris Burch Continues to Seek Challenging Opportunities

A recent interview and mini-bio covered Chris Burch’s history as an entrepreneur, his philosophy of life and business, and his latest ventures. Burch is the founder and CEO of Creative Capital. He has 40 years of entrepreneurial experience and has created well-known national and international brands.

Chris Burch purchased the Nihiwatu Resort on Sumba (an Indonesian island) in 2012. Four short years later, the resort won Travel and Leisure Magazine’s #1 Hotel in the World award. Burch got the hospitality bug earlier when in partnership with Philippe Stark, architect, and Alan Faena, hotelier, they developed the Faena Hotel + Universe, see (

In mid-July 2014, Chris Burch partnered with Ellen DeGeneres to establish Ellen’s lifestyle brand, ED. A few months later Burch launched Cocoon9, a luxury twist on tiny homes. Other brands under Burch’s umbrella include Bur+Mah, a supplier of furniture and architectural products; Poppins, an office furniture retailer; TRADEMARK, a women’s clothing and accessories company. He is currently assisting the development of several other lifestyle brands.

With all his success, Chris Burch hasn’t forgotten the importance of giving back. Among the beneficiaries of his charitable contributions are Mt. Sinai Hospital (New York), The China Association of Social Work, The Henry Street Settlement, and The Child Welfare League of China, to name just a few.

When asked about the genesis of Creative Capital, Burch said its roots were his natural curiosity combined with early business success. Wherever he looked, he saw opportunities to help other businesses get better. Creative Capital connects good business ideas with the necessary funds to grow exciting new businesses.

Asked how he brings ideas to life, Burch pointed to good people who were eager to get things done. He also suggested that a hallmark of good ideas was that they could be implemented quickly.

Burch said that the main thing that makes him more productive as a businessman is his ability to determine quickly who someone is and what they’re about. Burch went on to stress the importance of always listening, helpful sources on

Asked about his most important business strategy, Chris Burch said it was taking risks. He emphasized that if one wants to plow new fields, one must make peace with risk.