Rebel Wilson to Star in CATS Movie as Jennyanydots

News are out that the Perfect Pitch star, Rebel Wilson, will be starring in the movie adaptation of cats alongside several celebrities including Taylor Swift and Jennifer Hudson. She is expected to play the Jennyanydots role in the upcoming movie. Other cast members include Ian McKellen; Gus the Theatre Cat role, Judi Dench; Deuteronomy role, Idris Elba; Macavity role, Steven McRae, Laurie Davidson, as well as Francesca Hayward. It is expected that more cast members will be added.

Jennyanydots character is dancing, teaching mice and cooking enthusiast. The Andrew Lloyd Webber’s musical comes just in time when ‘Isn’t It Romantic’ is cooking. Rebel Wilson is starring in both movies.

Rebel Wilson hails from Sydney, Australia, where she was born and raised. Born in 1980, she has been active since 2002, appearing for the first time on the SBS comedy series Pizza as Toula as well as other characters including Lucy. She hails from a humble background made up of three siblings and professional dog handler parents. Learn more about Rebel Wilson:

In 2008, Rebel Wilson wrote, produced and starred in Bogan Pride, musical comedy series. A year later, she received the Tropfest best actress award, a recognition for her role in Bargain. Ms. Wilson made an appearance in City Homicide. She was featured in Bridesmaids film as Brynn shortly after she moved to the United States.

The star who has made it big in the United States studied Bachelor of Arts in Theatre and Performance Studies at the University of New South Wales. She also holds a bachelor of law degree from the same university. She loved mathematics at an early an age without knowing that acting was her future. Read more: Stunning Transfprmation Rebel Wilson | The List and Rebel Wilson Isn’t it Romantic First Book

Featuring in the ‘Cats’ movie is just one milestone among the many Ms. Wilson has achieved. According to her, it is a bit difficult for an Australian girl to achieve what she has achieved in the United States. She attributes her success to hard work and resilience.

Playing as ‘The Old Gumbie Cat’ Jennyanydots, Rebel Wilson will bring out the lazy behavior as well as inactivity nature of the iconic fictional feline during the day. Despite the laziness, the character comes to life after the sun sets to teach the mice music, tatting as well as crocheting.

As much as she appears to be a raging party girl on the screens, Wilson seeks solace in food. Food is also a reward she can give herself after a successful day. Rebel Wilson’s weight has spark up speculations but she insists that she only cares about her weight because she is in the public eye. Otherwise, it does not bother her much.

Rebel Wilson also appeared in ‘What to Expect When You’re Expecting’, ‘A Few Best Men’, ‘Struck by Lightning’, ‘Bachalorette’ as well as ‘Pitch Perfect’ film series.

Fortress Investment Group: An Alternative Investment Trendsetter

Fortress Investment Group (FIG) is a private equity firm founded in 1998. The company’s first initial public offering was in 2007, a milestone that made it the first private equity firm to go public on the NYSE. And, that is just one example that proves the company is a trendsetter in the field.


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The company has three founding members: the retired Rob Kauffman, and two of the three current principals; Wes Edens and Randal Nardone. All three brou