Betsy DeVos: An Effective Education Secretary

Betsy DeVos is the present Secretary of Education of the United States. She is from one of the wealthiest and most influential families in Michigan, and the public welcomed her addition to the administration of President Donald Trump. She has been on the sight of the public for years, especially those who live in Michigan because of her philanthropic works. She is known for giving out school vouchers to children who wanted to go to the school of their choice, and she is also helping their families to meet their needs. She might look meek, but for those who live in Michigan, the education secretary is a representation of a great political fighter. Their family’s opponents are being punished through the use of their influence and money, and those who have allied with them are rewarded big time. Lawmakers who are trying to attack their family are being met with impeachment complaints, and some are threatened to be out of their position. Her determination to finish a particular goal is what makes her different from other politicians from Michigan, and because of her family’s power and influence, opponents started to fear Betsy DeVos.



Despite the picture that has been shared by the locals of Michigan, many are still thanking her for the social programs that she introduced. She focused significantly on transforming the educational system in the country, and she believes that she can do it by focusing on giving out vouchers to deserving students. She and her husband have also established foundations that would help a lot of charities across the country. They have funded research centers, schools, hospitals and missionary work through the fortune that they have. Despite the philanthropic activities that she is involved with, some of her critics are saying that she would never be able to transform the status of education in the United States because she is a product of private education, and she never experienced how it is like studying at a public school.



She quickly brushed off these allegations, stating that even if she never went into a public school, she knew how the public education system works. The solutions that she has been introducing have played a major role in the transformation of a new educational system in the United States. One of the most recent issues about education where she triumphs would be the legislation of Detroit to close down its failing public schools, but she mediated and stopped the city council from closing down these schools where most of the students are coming from low-income families.


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