IC Systems: The Engine, The Fuel and The Beacon of Women Empowerment

IC Systems is one of today’s few companies that do their best to make sure that the corporate sector is inclusive of the female workplace. It is inferred that a company that integrates both the male and female workforce provide a creative aspect to a company that brings the best out of it.

There are many companies today that offer such value for women, but IC Systems stands out because it puts a lot of policies in place that push female empowerment as part of the company’s core.


Founded by Ruth Erickson with her husband Jack, the company IC Systems is now being led as a company that offers a beacon for the female workforce to get the opportunities that may have been deprived from them in other companies. It should also be stated here that the role of women has long been instrumental in the growth of IC Systems. From personally advertising the services to small companies when it started, Ruth didn’t let the fact that she’s female stop her from growing a business of her own. Ruth was able to lead the company first as a one-person salesforce, but also a source of inspiration to business start-ups who want to integrate women in their company.

It is also the strong ethical foundation and effective integration of women in the company that makes IC Systems widely attractive to other people looking for better career options. The endorsement of IC Systems from the Massachusetts Dental Society and the Texas Medical Association are also an incredible stamp of quality of the company’s business process. Right now, more professional associations have given IC Systems the needed trust that it requires to sustain its success.


About IC Systems


In 1938, Ruth and Jack Erickson makes it a part of their guiding principle to offer the most ethically produced products that the markets need. With three generations that have gone through the leadership and management of IC Systems, the products that IC Systems offers in the industry of accounts receivable recovery. One of the sources of pride of IC Systems today is to be able to the first collection agency in the U.S. to replace their typewriters with computers.


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