Penelope Kokkinides is Changing the Lives of Puerto Rico Residents

After twenty years of hard-fought-work, and climbing the ranks of the leaderboards, Penelope Kokkinides has finally been appointed Chief Administrative Officer of InnovaCare. Yes, she has worked in fields such as healthcare, government specialization programs, and managed care for twenty long, grueling years!

So, where did she begin? Well, Penelope Kokkinides earned her bachelor’s degree in biological sciences and classical languages at Binghamton University. She then set out to pursue a masters degree and she none-the-less conquered that at Columbia University School of Public Health by earning a public health masters degree. Wait! There’s even more; Also, Kokkinides earned yet another master’s degree in social work from New York University.

Furthermore, she has worked multiple jobs before getting the astonishing job at InnovaCare. She’s worked at Centerlight HealthCare, Touchstone Health, and AmeriChoice. In addition, at each of those jobs, she worked as the executive vice president, chief operating officer, and corporate vice president. So, as you can see, Penelope Kokkinides has tons of experience and knowledge in the workforce, and better yet, she’s an even greater person than worker!

However, we need to stop talking about her success in each of her careers, rather, let’s talk about her dedication towards finding solutions for Puerto Rico’s healthcare problem!

Look, Penelope Kokkinides stands out in this business. Her hard-earned efforts and tremendous work ethics allow her to easily stand out before everybody else in the healthcare workforce.

Kokkinides has a big plan set out to end the chaotic healthcare system crisis in Puerto Rico by giving more funds for Puerto Rico Medicare Advantage, urging the Centers of Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) to fix cuts in the Medicaid system, and she used a highly-intelligent strategic strategy by praising the Trump Administration. Kokkinides prevailed; She prevailed due to the fact that President Donald Trump agreed with her on just about everything!

The meeting went so well, and the great, professional performance from Penelope Kokkinides eventually led to Puerto Rico’s first ever 4.5 out of 5-star ratings created by the Centers of Medicare and Medicaid (CMS)!

To conclude, we can all brightly acknowledge the great dedication, work efforts, and the astonishing achievements of Penelope Kokkinide. She is not only a working citizen, but she’s also a life-changing woman!

President Trump let Kokkinides know how big of a role she has played in the industry of healthcare. Better yet, after the meeting, Puerto Rico residents were all happy and they all had big smiles on their faces extending from cheek-to-cheek!


Luiz Carlos Trabuco: The President of Bradesco Bank

     Too many people Luiz Carlos Trabuco is more than a president. For 70 years in the history of Bradesco, Trabuco is the fourth man to occupy the seat of the institution president, and heredity began by legendary Amador Aguiar. The position had been vacant since 2009, and now he has the accountability of leading the largest financial organization in Latin America with over R %900 billion assets and roughly 27 million account holders.

Born in Marlia and still the birthplace of Amador Aguiar, Luiz Carlos Trabuco exemplifies Bradesco way of life with a style and trajectory typical to every leader of the team. He studied at Faculty of Philosophy, Letter and Sciences of São Paulo with an undergraduate in Socio-Psychology at Fundação School of Politics and Sociology of São Paulo.

Trabuco stated working in the bank at the age of 18 in 1969. For over 40 years between the times he arrived until the time he got nominated for the presidency, he passed through most diverse roles. In 1984 he became the director of departments. In 1998 he was appointed as the Executive Managing Director. A year later, Trabuco was promoted to the role of executive vice president, and in 2003 March, he took over the management role of Bradesco Seguros, a position he maintained until he became the bank’s president.

Under his management, Bradesco Seguros reached its highest level. In just six years, the bank had doubled its size from an asset of R $32 billion in 2013 to an asset of $78 billion in 2008. In the first year of his administration, the equity returns rose from 22% to 29%all through its mandate, and it never decreased below 27%.

In 2015 Luiz Carlos Trabuco led the buying of HSBC, which has been registered as the largest business of the year as well as the largest purchase in the history of banks. Due to this, he was chosen as the Entrepreneur of the year in the category of finance by to É Dinheiro Magazine. Under his leadership, Unibrad has created a corporate university with an objective of qualifying the group’s executives and employees in a modified way. In 2017, Unibrad was nominated for GlobalICCU Awards as the best corporate university internationally. Trabuco was elected to be the chairman of Board of Directors after replacing Lázaro de Mello Brandão. He was the third president of organizational Council after Aguiar Amador and Lazaro Brandao.

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Brazilian Entrepreneur Flavio Maluf Comes From A Long Line Of Successful Entrepreneurs

The Maluf name is well-known in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Back in the 1940s and 1950s, a small sawmill in a small town in the state of Sao Paulo was cutting eucalyptus wood for clients. It was a busy sawmill because Salim Maluf wasn’t the kind of businessman that let an order sit around the sawmill for very long. View

Salim Maluf realized the excess wood from the eucalyptus trees he cut was just sitting in a pile in a corner of the sawmill, so he decided he would do something with it. Salim decided to cobble a wood ceiling tile out of the excess wood, and when the ceiling tile looked professional enough, he began to market it to his sawmill clients. That first professional eucalyptus ceiling tile was the start of Eucatex, the international building material supplier.

The Maluf family started Eucatex in the 1960s, and it didn’t take long for builders to recognize the value and the durability of the wood ceiling tiles. Builders in Argentina heard about the tiles, so the Maluf clan set up an export business to meet the demand.

German builders also heard about the ceiling tiles. Before the Maluf’s got a firm handle on the demand for ceiling tiles in Brazil, they were shipping tiles to other countries.

Flavio Maluf, Salim’s grandson, didn’t join the company until 1987. By that time, Eucatex had several products on the international market, but the company lacked creativity and vision, according to some of the company’s clients.

When Flavio got his feet on the ground in the Eucatex organization, the company started to expand its product base. Flavio used his mechanical engineering degree to help develop other products that would complement the now-famous eucalyptus ceiling tiles.

The rest of Flavio’s story is still playing out on the world’s building material stage. Thanks to Flavio’s creativity and insight, Eucatex is a brand that home improvement stores around the globe depend on.

But Brazilians depend on Eucatex not just for their extensive product selection, but for planting eucalyptus tree farms and for developing educational programs for kids as well as for adults in Brazil. Flavio Maluf is an international business leader as well as a humanitarian, environmentalists and a strong believer in human kindness.

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