Trabuco, Passing President of Bradesco Bank

     Luiz Carlos Trabuco began working at Bradesco Bank as a clerk in 1968. Although only a teenager at the time, he had already graduated from college. In 2003, he was appointed a president of Bradesco de Seguros, Bradesco’s insurance branch. During the same year, he was one of Bradesco’s vice president. A few years later, the board of Bradesco began looking for a new CEO. Bradesco is well known to have an extremely rigorous and complex CEO search process. In the end, Trabuco was made CEO in 2009.

During his time as president of Bradesco Bank, he led the company to best its nearest competitor for the number one company in Brazil position by leading Bradesco to acquire HSBC. He is today considered one of the best business leaders in Brazilian history. And his bolstering of Bradesco has done more than just help Bradesco itself; it has significantly raised the entire Brazilian economy. He is still highly admired as one of the best ever in both trading and financing. He was only the fourth president of a Bank that had been going since the 40s.

For many years Bradesco had been the largest bank in Brazil. A few years prior to Trabuco’s assuming the top leadership position, Bradesco has lost this number one status to its nearest competitor, Itai Unibanco. After several years of bringing Bradesco back on top, last year he resigned the CEO position to fill the recently vacated position as president of Bradesco’s board. Under consideration were the company’s seven vice presidents. Following a long, rigorous search, the board appointed Octavio Lazari as the new CEO.

He officially assumed this role in March of this year. Like Trabuco, Lazari has also been serving as the president of Bradesco de Seguros. He is committed to building on the leadership legacy and strategy left by Trabuco. He will put his first focus on reforming the company’s pension plan. He is currently 54-years-old.

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