Trabuco, Passing President of Bradesco Bank

     Luiz Carlos Trabuco began working at Bradesco Bank as a clerk in 1968. Although only a teenager at the time, he had already graduated from college. In 2003, he was appointed a president of Bradesco de Seguros, Bradesco’s insurance branch. During the same year, he was one of Bradesco’s vice president. A few years later, the board of Bradesco began looking for a new CEO. Bradesco is well known to have an extremely rigorous and complex CEO search process. In the end, Trabuco was made CEO in 2009.

During his time as president of Bradesco Bank, he led the company to best its nearest competitor for the number one company in Brazil position by leading Bradesco to acquire HSBC. He is today considered one of the best business leaders in Brazilian history. And his bolstering of Bradesco has done more than just help Bradesco itself; it has significantly raised the entire Brazilian economy. He is still highly admired as one of the best ever in both trading and financing. He was only the fourth president of a Bank that had been going since the 40s.

For many years Bradesco had been the largest bank in Brazil. A few years prior to Trabuco’s assuming the top leadership position, Bradesco has lost this number one status to its nearest competitor, Itai Unibanco. After several years of bringing Bradesco back on top, last year he resigned the CEO position to fill the recently vacated position as president of Bradesco’s board. Under consideration were the company’s seven vice presidents. Following a long, rigorous search, the board appointed Octavio Lazari as the new CEO.

He officially assumed this role in March of this year. Like Trabuco, Lazari has also been serving as the president of Bradesco de Seguros. He is committed to building on the leadership legacy and strategy left by Trabuco. He will put his first focus on reforming the company’s pension plan. He is currently 54-years-old.

The Brown Agency



On October 01, 2015 Wilhelmina Austin bought the Heyman-Talent-South. After buying Heyman-Talent-South, the talent agency relaunched as The Brown Agency. Combining two of the largest talent agencies, Heyman-Talent-South and Wilhelmina Austin, has made the relaunched Brown Agency a powerhouse in the fashion model industry.


A Major Merger in the Fashion Model Business


Wilhelmina Austin began in 2010 and five years later made a name for itself in the western world. Justin Brown ran Wilhelmina Austin and with his expertise made the modeling agency a phenomenal success. Heyman-Talent-South had built a successful business in the acting talent business in Austin, Texas. With the merger of these two already successful modeling agencies, the Brown Talent Agency is now the largest agency in the state of Texas. Currently Justin Brown, formerly in charge of Wilhelmina Austin, will serve as Brown Talent Agency’s Chief Executive Officer and president of the company. Michael B Bonnee will be the head of operations for the theatrical division of the Brown Agency.


The Brown Agency’s New Headquarters


With the merger, the Brown Agency is now a full-service operation with its success in the state of Texas, will bring a broader market, being able to deliver exceptional talent to serve their clients. With the merger of these two powerhouses in the modeling industry, they already have the company’s expertise in modeling the brands of Louis Vuttion, Dell, Toyota, L Oreal, to name a few.


2018-Brown Agency-A Powerhouse in the Model Fashion Industry


It has been ten years since the combined merger of two successful modeling agencies in the state of Texas, and the beginning of the Brown Agency. With a force of about 100 employees, the Brown Agency has now ventured in media platforms and gaining significant exposure from their media platforms, and now have magazine exposure with Brown Agency’s models now on magazine covers, in print advertisements, and television commercials.


According to Marketwired, Brown Agency’s models now grace the fashion runways for several weeks. In 2018, Brown Agency is the most respectful agency for talent recruitment, and modeling talent. Since the merger ten years ago, Brown Agency has evolved, bringing the country some of the essential acting and modeling talent in the industry.






Brown Agency continues to grow under the same leadership as when the two modeling and talent agencies join together to form one powerhouse agency, The Brown Agency. Selecting the best of young talent, and training and grooming these young models is the secret to their success. Their same owners still run the company, Justin Brown as Chief Executive Officer and President of the Brown Agency. Michael Bonnee is still in charge of handling the theatrical talent of the agency.


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Dr. Saad Saad makes two inventions

Dr. Saad Saad has is a pediatric surgeon in New Jersey. He has been a pediatric surgeon for the past four decades. He has performed hundreds of operations in his career. His aim has always been to see people live a better life- free of medical problems. He has used his time in the career to push for cases which are personal to him. His intention has always been to lower the pain for the patients. To accomplish this mission. He had to come up with better ways of performing operations. Most of the surgical methods which were used in the industry would leave the patients in pain and would also risk the lives of the patients. Dr. Saad Saad was determined to change this situation by introducing a new way of doing things. He invented new surgical procedures as well as new devices.


A catheter is an instrument used in the surgical room for a number of functions. They are normally inserted into the body when performing medical operations. They can also be used for other purposes which include accessing surgical equipment and removing body fluids from the body among many other purposes. For some reasons, catheters can be left inside the body permanently or temporarily. When a catheter is inserted into the body, the surgeon needs to be able to track its position inside the body. Traditionally, a catheter is traced using an x-ray. Although there is nothing harmful with x-ray, continuous exposure to radiations many not be good for the body. The other option that is available is to use of MRI machine to scan the position of the catheter. With these two options, none is convenient. The MRI machine is bulky.


Dr. Saad Saad decided to remedy the situation by inventing a new device that will detect the position of the catheter without scanning. Patients will be able to avoid MRI and X-ray scans when a catheter has to be inserted into the body. Whenever there is no time to perform a scan, this device will come in handy and will enable surgeons to carry out their roles faster. Doctors no longer need to use guidewires to track the position in cases of emergency. The invention is yet to be implemented in large scale, but it is going to start soon.


The other invention that Dr. Saad Saad made is the invention of a suction system for an endoscope. In the realization that surgeon and doctors had a hard time examining internal parts of the body due to body fluids which hinder visibility. Dr. Saad created this suction system which will eliminate fluids in areas that are being examined by the doctors. With these inventions, Dr. Saad Saad has left a mark in the industry.  Learn more:


If You Like Ian King, Learn How He Does It Here

Many thousands of future-oriented, education-loving cryptocurrency hopefuls have read Ian King’s Crypto Profit Trader from beginning to end on the popular daily digital finance publication Crypto Finance Trader.

Some of their returns have ended up at prices collectively upwards of 1,000 percent of their initial cash outlays. Even though the individual and market-wide stability of cryptocurrencies are something to laugh at, Mr. Ian King found himself once again – as he’s done a number of times throughout his 20-odd years spend in the workforce – navigating the rapid, shifty, proverbial waters of financial markets choppy with uncertainty. Follow Ian King on

Mr. King really likes not only the concept of the blockchain, but how it works in practice

For as long as human technology has been around – technology in this sense counts as stone tools and ancient agriculture, as an example to compare such technology to – countless people have shared ideas with others that ultimately turned out to be incorrect.

Right after the person who tried to learn their should-have-been-untold tales finds the “teacher,” the latter individual denies it quite frequently.

With the blockchain, the majority of planet Earth’s inhabitants will be able to simply look around online to find dates, topics, and names of involved persons by searching through the blockchain.

Look no further for a few valuable insights from the mind of Ian King

Ian King, just like some of the biggest, most reputable names in the realm of writing tried-and-true information about cryptocurrencies, tokens, and other digital currencies, hasn’t always worked as a writer, journalist, editor, or any other position that requires their occupants to have experience penning articles, descriptions, and other works.

For whatever reason, some people believe that if they don’t get their careers sorted out at young ages then their dreams, goals, and aspirations are effectively drained down the sink, chopped up instantaneously, and only ever seen again in one’s dreams – well, nightmares, to be accurate.

Mr. Ian King has since made it large in talking about cryptocurrencies and literally everything related to them. His current primary employer Banyan Hill Publishing is one of the most popular financial talk digital news magazines across the World Wide Web, in part paying Mr. Ian King more money than he made working for almost every year he spent in the trenches of corporate financial service providers. Visit:


Paul Mampilly- Renowned investment adviser

Paul Mampilly is an investment guru in the United States. He has a track record of helping many American make the right investment decisions. With over 20 years in the financial sector, he has deep knowledge of the industry, and that is why he is offering investment advice which cannot be compared with any other person. Paul Mampilly is genuine in his work, and his main mission is to help many people gain from the investment opportunities available in the market today. His investment tips have enabled many Americans to pick investment opportunities which they would not have known were they trading on their own. He scans the market and picks the best opportunities which he then recommends to his followers.

Paul Mampilly joined the financial sector in 1991 when he started working with Bankers Trust. He was given an assistant portfolio manager. Here, he gained experience which would later help him when dealing with higher amounts of money. Paul moved to large banking institutions such as Deutsche Bank and ING where he got an opportunity to trade huge accounts. His growth in the industry was fast since he had the expertise that was needed to conquer the financial sector. He recorded brilliant results which saw he move to the Wall Street when he managed accounts worth billions. He was hired by a hedge fund known as kinetic Asset Management. He helped them grow their investment from 46 billion to $25 billion. Visit the website to learn more.

Paul Mampilly also proves his capabilities in trading by winning the Templeton Foundation Award. This is an award for the best trader in Wall Street. It was hosted during the 2008 financial crisis. Mampilly won it after growing his account from $50 million to $88 million. He defeated the best traders in the Wall Street confirming that he is an investment guru.

Paul Mampilly left Wall Street so that he could concentrate on helping the Main Street American achieve their goals. He has been working with the newly established Banyan Hill Publishing as a senior editor. His role is creating material which will; help ordinary investors make the right investment decisions. Currently, he is the author of the newsletter known as “Profits Unlimited.” It is the fastest growing newsletter in the country and has a subscription of over 100,000 followers.

Paul Mampilly is a renowned expert and normally features in the business media giving his opinion on the various matters regarding investments. He appears on CNBC, Bloomberg and Fox News Business among others. Watch:


Matt Badiali: Recap Crunchbase Profile

The Expert Natural Resources Investment Advisor, Matt Badiali

Matt Badiali an expert in investment advice especially in the field of natural resources. His expertise in natural resources is attributed to his education because after high school, he pursued a bachelor’s degree in sciences at Penn State University before joining the Florida Atlantic University for a Master’s in Geology. During his Doctorate in Philosophy, he met a person who introduced him to finance and ever since then, his advice has enabled investors to acquire a multiple gain in their investments because he developed a passion and together with his knowledge, he creates a true advice based on data therefore creating a true advice. According to him, energy production could change sooner due to extinction of non-renewable energy but then, it will require a new innovation of a battery that could store large amounts of energy in order to move to the new technology. Visit to know more.

From an article, Matt Badiali’s freedom checks seem to attract a huge number of people especially those about to retire. It is an investment that will help with taxing after retiring due to a new plan on taxing that will lead to payouts of up to thirty four point six billion dollars. From Matt Badiali the expert behind freedom checks, it will be best to collect them sooner before July first with no regard of net worthiness, the income received or age limit. It is clear that, many people are following his advice and therefore cashing in lump sum of thousands and hundred thousand dollars for freedom checks in huge crowds. In addition, his expertise has been made clear after warning on the rise of oil prices up to thirty percent with no one believing it. During the symposium at Canada on natural resources, he advised the people on investing in oil because it was going to be profitable but then most people ignored it due to increased investment in creation of electric cars. Years later, the company S&P 500 realized an increase of forty five percent in their total sale of oil.

The main reason for the rise in prices according to Matt Badiali is due to the extinction rate of the natural resource that is fossil fuel rendering the laid down plans obsolete. It is clear that, those that follow his advice often realize a gain in their investments. In conclusion, being a traveled person, working in several countries in different continents has enabled him to gain the experienced expertise. Visit:


Felipe Montoro Jens Reports on Latin America Hunger for More Private Investments in Infrastructure

There have been increased private investments in infrastructure projects across Latin America, especially in Brazil. Dyogo Oliveira, Brazil Minister for Planning, Development, and Management, however, noted that they will create financial guarantee structures which will control the rates and levels of private investors’ involvement in infrastructure projects in the region. This report is according to Felipe Montoro Jens, an infrastructure projects expert and consultant. This follows the Special Meeting of Governors of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) in Mendoza, Argentina in March 2018. Follow Montoro Jens on Twitter.

Dyogo Oliveira proposed that IDB should focus on promoting studies that investigate more efficient solutions for project risk management, as well as, facilitating control of private investment in the region. He was supported by Luis Caputo, Argentina finance minister who serves as the chairman of the bank’s board of governors.

Latin America countries need new investment in the wake of the fourth industrial revolution. As opposed to the earlier challenge of building roads, sanitation and providing water, the new pursuit involves modern infrastructure development that goes with Industry 4.0 revolution.

Felipe Montoro Jens reports that IDB president Luis Alberto Moreno emphasized on the need for convergence of infrastructure in Latin America as well as better connectivity between countries. This is because investments are below what is needed pointing this is the only way to realize growth even as the IDB adopts improved gender equality policies and reinforced environmental preservation efforts when carrying out projects.

Brazil has initiated and engaged in several Public-Private Partnerships (PPP) mostly for public works as pointed by Felipe Montoro Jens. The Brazilian government’s efforts in financing infrastructure development are in line with regional best practices following action guidelines of IDB and other agencies. Reports from the IDB Governors’ Meeting indicate that PPPs in the Caribbean and Latin America are on the rise, with more than 1,000 PPPs in infrastructure alone being undertaken in the last ten years.

Despite the rise, whose total value is over $360 billion, Felipe Montoro Jens notes that most projects were not able to mobilize private capital. The total loans value given by IDB to Brazil last year was US $12.9 billion, a 20% increment from 2016. Visit:


Kevin Seawright On Reorganizing, Managing And Growing Successful Companies

Kevin Seawright serves as the C.E.O, C.F.O, and the V.P of Newark Economic Development Corporation. Previously, he was the Executive Director of operations at Maryland, Inc. Before that, he served as the V.P in charge of operations and Human Capital at Tito General Contractors in the U.S in between the 2011 and 2013.

Customer Relations are Vital

Mr. Seawright has an eye for picking out lucrative investment ventures long before anyone even realizes they are there. His uncanny business acumen then helps him to formulate effective road-maps and strategies, moving forward.

Once the astute manager takes over a company, his first agenda is often to overhaul the financial sector, the IT sector, and the human resource departments. His sheer brilliance played a pivotal role in the huge leap in revenues for companies like Newark and Human Capital when he was at the helm. What’s more, Kevin is a virtuoso when it comes to fostering cordial and mutually beneficial client relationships.

Media Mentions

Kevin’s exemplary achievements regularly feature in the nation’s leading business dailies and financial websites and podcasts. For instance, his interviews, awards and work have recently featured on Market Wired, PR Newswire, World Class Magazine, Entrepreneur Podcast Network, IdeaMensch, and The Street.

Social Media Connect

Judging by his past and present tweets, Mr. Seawright comes across as an avid American Basketball fan. His love for the NBA gone all the way back to his days as a professional basketball college coach.

Kevin likes to post informative and vital business tips and ideas to his social media admirers and clients as well. You can reach out to Kevin Seawright via his LinkedIn page and Facebook profile. Follow Kevin to learn amazing business tips on how to enhance your IT infrastructure, long-term planning, and other tailor-made solutions.

Empowering the Future Generations

Kevin believes that the best way to use our acquired skills and knowledge is by passing them on to the future generations. The man is a walking icon in his East Coast locale. He’s mentored and sponsored the education and investments of countless kids in his neighborhood.

The award-winning business executive is an Honorary Director at the Baltimore City Community College. Seawright’s the lead systems analyst for an advanced Human Resource Information System that efficiently handles the bulk of information and data from the over 8,000 students plus faculty at the community college.


Sussex Healthcare For The Seniors

At Sussex Healthcare, we value every role played by our experts from the subordinate to the management. Working at the facility is taking a step of faith to help streamline the lives of different individuals with various life issues. The institution, situated in the United Kingdom, offers care giving activities to the elderly. People from different statuses of life entrust us with the lives of their loved ones. Our workers have skills in handling the residents with respect and intelligence. The facility possesses 23 extensions across Sussex and has 530-bed spaces. Since the year 1985, the institution performs tremendous work in its charity missions.

The primary goal of Sussex Healthcare is to support specific individuals emotionally and psychologically. Besides, we offer a healing environment for people with developing statuses such as learning disability, neurological condition, autism, and brain injuries. We purpose to provide a tender and personalized care to the Sussex dwellers. We encourage daily physical exercises to improve the body health. Some residents participate in the out-door practices like gardening. We make it worth every moment spent in Sussex Healthcare by providing recreational facilities like spa pools, specialized gymnasium, track hoists, and sensory rooms. Also, we offer transportation to various amenities like pools or gym for the disabled and the old.


Sussex Healthcare runs under the leadership of two co-founders. One of the chairs is Shafik Sachedina. The philanthropist moved to the United Kingdom from Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania in his adolescence. Thereupon, he undertook his studies at the University of London and pursued dental surgeon. The other co-chair is Shiraz Boghani. The individual is a renowned businessman who runs more than 20 hotels in the UK. Boghani is an expert in hospitality management. The two co-chairs are primary participants in the organization’s charity missions. They dedicate their time and resources to better the lives of the less fortunate families.

The UK-based senior healthcare organization chose Amanda Morgan-Taylor as the newly appointed chief executive officer. The appointment happened early this year. The CEO said that it is an honor to have the opportunity to add opinions on how to improve services to the residents and the community as a whole. Morgan-Taylor is an expert in providing medical care. The individual started her career in the year 1984 as a mental health nurse. The CEO worked herself up various ranks to the current position. Thus, she knows the difficulties her employees go through, and she is the ready leader in favor of her workers and Sussex as a community.

Matt Badiali Expert in Investing and Freedom Checks

Investing is something that takes research and an understanding of how money works. Not everyone is an expert which is why they turn to newsletters that help them determine what to put their money in. That’s why people consult Matt Badaili about what they should do. He recommends people invest in MLPs no matter how much they’re coming in with at the beginning. His portfolio and those portfolios of the people he’s helped with his advice are proof he really knows what he’s talking about.

If you understand how freedom checks can help you gain financial freedom then you’ll see the potential in them. According to an article on people think they are too good to be true and have taken them off their list of legitimate investment strategies. Matt Badaili introduced these checks in his investment newsletter and that means giving money to get something. Most scams tell you they will give you money without any type of investment on your part.

Freedom checks are a form of Master Limited Partnerships in which you take in a share of the capital a company you invest in makes. The checks come from investing in companies that produce oil, gas, provide transportation or provide a form of storage. They are paid out once a year. Read more about Matt Badiali at Talk Markets.

These checks allow you to invest without having to open a new account. You just buy stock in the company and you’ll get a check when it comes time. This is an investment opportunity open to anyone. They can be traded for low prices and the MLPs are exempt from taxes two more great reasons to jump on board. Matt Badiali personally checks each company the freedom checks are partnered with to make sure they are financially sound and that the raw materials they are selling are something consumers need. Over 3.4 billion have been paid our for freedom checks already, and that number will just keep growing.

Matt Badiali has a bachelors in sciene from Penn State University and a masters degree in gelopgy fro Florida Atlantic University. He also started working on a Ph.D fro the University of North Carolina until a friend approached him with a different path.

The path, creating a platform to give advice to investors. Matt Badiali moved forward and never looked back launching a publishing company newsletter with Banyan Hill called the Real Wealth Strategist. He’s given many people advice in investing that’s changed their lives financially. Matt Badiali is the man to go to for investing advice.