Yastine Reviews Kennedy Accounts And Digital Security

Jeff Yastine is a financial analyst and writer who currently works as the editorial director for Banyan Hill Publishing. His interest in the financial market began while earning a degree in telecommunications from the University of Florida where he learned how to communicate complex financial news in a way that would help normal investors. Jeff Yastine spent the next two decades working in the financial field where he developed a unique investment strategy. He does extensive research to find little known ways to save money buying a financial product. He then uses his research to invest in companies that will be affected by broad market news. He was interviewed some of the most prominent financial figures such as Warren Buffett, and he was nominated for a Business Emmy Award in 2007. Read more articles by Jeff Yastine at Banyan Hill.

Jeff Yastine recently made a viral video about Kennedy Accounts. These are little known accounts that claim to offer stocks at major discounts. Yastine has researched these accounts, and he has found that these accounts are real and are solid investment options. Kennedy Accounts are a financial product created during the Kennedy Administration. They allow companies to directly sell stocks to investors rather than selling them through a brokerage. This benefits both companies and average investors as it allows them to avoid having to pay high commission fees that can wipe out returns for both investors and companies. There are currently four hundred and forty-nine companies that offer these direct stock buying options. These investments are underused because traditional brokerages do not offer them. This means that investors have the chance to purchase undervalued investments without having to pay commission prices.

Jeff Yastine also believes that digital security will soon become a major investment. This is due to an increasing use of digital currency, average people keeping their financial records on their computers, cloud storage of data, and the use of online tools for everything from bill payment to medical records. In addition, digital security is becoming a major issue due to numerous major digital security failures showing up in the news. This includes such things as the Equifax, Target, and Yahoo leaks. This has led to Jeff Yastine recommending that investors put money into digital security firms. These companies have an established need and will be increasingly needed in the future. In addition, the stock price of these investments will continue to rise as digital security increasingly becomes a major issue.

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