Ian King; Bayan Hill’s Crypto Expert

Bayan Hill Publishing is known for its insightful investment advice to its subscribers. It has expert contributors who not only write about investment opportunities but are investors themselves. Bayan Hill has been praised for its articles that have gone to great lengths to simplify complex investment principles to non-investors and guide them into the world of investors.

Today, the world is on the brink of great change. Since time in memorial, people have used money and banks to successfully ascribe value to services and products in the market. Transactions have been based on mutual trust and the banks have had the responsibility of punishing bad actors and determining the value of money. Banks therefore have acted as the trusted middlemen who keep either parties from being taken advantage of. However, there is a new trend rising; the use of crypto currency.

Crypto currency eliminates the need of the middleman, the banks. Crypto currency works the same way money does, only instead of having the banks determine the value of money, smart digital money is used. The value of this money can be programmed thus eliminating the need for the banks. This allows internet users to buy and sell digital products and services without needing the intervention of the banks. No middle man translates to no fees paid to the middleman and no time wasting beaurocracy during transactions. The only downside to this exciting new trend is that many people do not understand or own crypto currency.

Because of this, Bayan Hill Publishing brought on board Ian King, a crypto currency trading expert to educate their readers on this new trend. Ian King is considered a crypto currency expert because he is not only an educator on crypto currency, he is a trader. Ian Kind got his degree in psychology with hopes of helping people in the field of medicine. Even as a student of psychology, he was always interested in investing. He traded dot com stocks in his dorm and later worked as an intern at Merrill Lynch.

When he learnt about crypto currency in 2013, Ian king was intrigued by this new venture. He took some time learning and trading in crypto assets and later quit his career on Wall Street to give crypto currency speculators advice on how to make money selling and buying crypto assets. Because of his success in the business, every piece of advice or opinion on market trends s based on practical knowledge of the market. In his contributions to Bayan hill, Ian King tries to guide his readers to the right cryptocorn to invest in. crypto corn are digital businesses that are just budding. They are believed to be worth billions and investors are trying their best to get in at the ground floor.

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US Money Reserves’ Advice on Inflation

Everyone has heard the word inflation and everyone knows that experts don’t like it, but do you know why?


What is Inflation?


Inflation is a result of thousands of different factors but essentially it is when the price of items and goods goes up due to an influx of money entering circulation. Inflation is the reduction of spending power for a certain amount of money. Inflation isn’t always negative though, it is necessary for a country with a central banking system to function. Currently, the inflation rate in the United States sits just over 2% per year.


How does Inflation Hurt the Individual?


Simple put, it devalues the worth of your hard earned money. If your weekly paycheck doesn’t increase higher than the rate of inflation then your purchasing power drops significantly. Even though inflation is necessary for he growth of the country, many people are left out on the economic growth. Once to many people are excluded from additional income, a recession occurs.


When inflation increases so does the interest rates for creditors and bank loans. When people see an increase in interest they also have less money to spend on extra goods, which in turn damages the economy even more. If inflation isn’t carefully monitored, it can lead to disaster for households all across America.


Protecting Your Family from Inflation’s Negative Side Effects


The only good way to protect yourself from inflation is to diversify your liquidity. By moving away from the dollar, you can provide options for yourself and your family when an inevitable crash occurs in the United States ecnomy. You can diversify your liquidity by buying real estate, gold or by currency exchange.


US Money Reserve president Philip N. Diehl has one sound piece of advice for anyone who is looking to diversify away from the dollar. “Gold outperforms other asset classes,” Diehl begins. “[Gold] often rises when other assets are crashing. Including gold in your portfolio protects your wealth by offsetting losses in your other assets,” he concludes.


Who is US Money Reserve?


US Money Reserve is made up of a team of experienced account executives, a numismatic expert, coin research professionals and other skilled professionals. US Money Reserves is one of the biggest distributors of US government minted coins. US Money Reserves assists its clients in finding the highest quality gold, silver and platinum coins. The company credits all of its success to its ability to gain the trust of its customers.

Alexandre Gama A Self-Made Advertising Executive

Alexandre Gama is one of the world’s most renown advertising executives the road to his current status is over 35 years in the making. The road has not been easy but with persistence and passion, Gama has risen to the top of the advertising world. A graduate of the prestigious Armando Alvares Penteado Foundation, Gama started his career as a copywriter all the way back in 1982. After eight years as a writer at Standard Ogilvy and Mather, Gama accepted a job offer as a creative director at DM9.

This is when Gama truly began to stand out. After just a few years at DM9, Gama was named as CEO and COO at Young & Rubicam in 1996. In 1999, Gama launched his own firm which he named Neogama. The company was an immediate success, winning two Golden Lion awards at the 2000 Cannes Film Festival and winning another 21 in the years since.

Gregory Aziz and National Steel Car Leads the Way in Railroad Car Engineering

Greg Aziz is the President, Chairman, and CEO of National Steel Car. The company leads the world in designing and building a complete assortment of railroad freight cars. The company’s headquarters is in Hamilton, Ohio. National Steel Car has over a century of experience and excellence in engineering and manufacturing railroad cars. The company commits itself to diversity, innovation, and a culture that prides itself in having strong values.


James Aziz clearly believes that his company’s success is the result of its people. The company and its employees have achieved, and continue to achieve, within their industry. Today, the company is more diverse and innovative as it has ever been. This is due largely to the fact that National Steel Car continually challenges itself to be better. James Aziz inspires his company to place focus on their strengths and core values.

Those core values are customer service and a commitment to building the best rail cars in the business. Customers appreciate and value this level of commitment. Customers can also trust that their orders will arrive on time. National Steel Car is the only North American company in its class with an ISO 9001:2008 certification. The certification implies the company focuses on, and meets, customer expectations and customer satisfaction for a particular industry.

However, the company’s CEO makes sure they do not rest on any past achievements, and there is a relentless pursuit of excellence across the company. This is one way to ensure that relationships remain strong with suppliers and customers. Currently, the company employs 2,000 dedicated team members.


Company rail car products include the 25,500, 29,000, and 30,500-gallon tank cars, auto rack, centerbeam, coal, coil, flat, covered hopper, gondola, intermodal spine, and intermodal well railroad cars. These are among the very best railroad cars on tracks anywhere in the world.


Giving Back is also an important priority of National Steel Car. The company sponsors Theatre Aquarius, the United Way, the Hamilton Opera, Salvation Army, and other prevalent charities. Many of the company’s employees also lend a hand in supporting local food banks, food drives, and other events.


Perhaps the strongest commitment to the community are the well-paying jobs that National Steel Car creates. The company, to its credit, builds thousands of railroad freight cars. Attribute this to hard working and dedicated company employees.   View Related Info Here.