Securus Technologies, Putting People First

Securus Technologies, the company that’s been connecting people for many years, has undergone some recent enhancements. The company has acquired another major player, GovPayNet. This company processes payments for governmental agencies and has been around for over 20 years. Examples of the types of payments processed include cash bail, probation, court fees, and traffic citations. Combined with the communications services offered by Securus, the companies anticipate even more growth. JPay is another company also recently acquired by Securus Technologies. The company has been working on technology, however, previously specialized in money transfer and prepaid money services.


All three of the companies are working towards getting wireless containment systems in facilities. The WCS technology is important because it adds safety and security by blocking contraband cell phones. Working as a cell tower, the caller is unable to connect with the appropriate cell tower to complete the call. The caller is then notified that the call has been disconnected. Numerous crimes and even a murder have been traced back to contraband wireless devices, so this project is of the utmost importance. There are even people trying to make the technology required by law in facilities. Although it’s still being tested, the devices have been noted as having very promising results.


Even with all the recent improvements, Securus Technologies still remains focused on the people it serves. Since customers keep their business going, they’ve been constantly working to keep everyone happy. In recent years, the company has been able to reduce the once burdensome cost of keeping in touch with those who are incarcerated. Alternative solutions which are even more cost-effective have been implemented as well. Among these are email, voicemail, and video visitation. Monitoring services are another feature that helps their internal customers, the employees of facilities, do their jobs easier and better. With so many advancements, Securus Technologies is certainly headed for a bright future.


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