Securus Introduces New Popular Customer Technology

Securus Technologies CEO, Rick Smith told PEN Newswire their customers are using their website to initiate crime prevention and leaving their comments about their most popular technology. They have been able to use their customer service forum for features which have saved them time and money. Securus understands the need to put their customers first and make them an active part of their network by giving them feedback options. To date, they have grew their nationwide audience to over 256,000+ customers and growing. Enjoy real customer preferred services from actual users of the Securus Technologies network.


Preferred Securus Technologies Services


If you join the Securus family and would like to know what services work best for you, visit their feedback forum on their website and hear what others have to say about their network. Their services are equally as popular, but some services and features tend to stand out. For example, they have enjoyed being able to enjoy leaving friends and family in a correctional facility a message. Drop by to say hello or halo them follow the progress of their child. Become a part of a reliable network and leave your customer comments on the Securus Technologies website today.


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