Reasons to Consider Attending Academy of Art University

There are many reasons why individuals should very seriously consider attending the revered Academy of Art University located in the heart of San Francisco. This school has a wide list of available education courses. These are many exciting jobs that are within the creative arts fields. This college has achieved notable recognition the world over. Students love the relaxed feel of this gorgeous and thriving campus. They are instantly encouraged to tap into their deepest creativity sides. It is stunning to see these students learn to be original and use their unique voices. This institution puts much thought into their instructor/teacher choices. These energetic leaders have recognized and successful previous careers that make their teaching style extraordinarily authentic and motivating.

Most people have heard of the popular fashion design program at this well known Academy of Art University. This past September, many of these bright students headed to New York City for the famed New York Fashion Week annual event. Drawing crowds of fashion industry giants and fashion magazine experts, this runway show was truly a walk to remember. An incredible mix of various artistic fashion techniques were exhibited by the proud student designers.

Students attending Academy of Art University discover a melting pot of various religions, cultures, personality styles and personal talents. They are challenged to learn from each other in a beneficial to learning and always respectful of others environment. The school has been a landmark in its older historic neighborhood known for its mix of peoples, cultures, interests and colorful artistic charm. This extraordinary setting is reflected on this university’s upbeat campus. Students and teachers are often seen in the neighborhood performing a variety of needed volunteer work. This focus on embracing a world wide community that is designed to create better human beings is so refreshing in today’s typical warring or uninterested societies.

The enthralling fashion show revealed soft intricately woven and crafted sweaters and other warmth giving styles. Plays on layering styles were evident, and the students took timeless fashion elements like quilting to a whole new wearable level. These students rocked fashion expectations.

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