The Lung Institute Is Helping People Create Their Own Cure

Chronic illness has a way of taking a toll on people. It’s not just the fact that the conditions can be painful. It’s quite obvious from talking to anyone who suffers from them that chronic illness is painful. Instead, one of the most difficult parts of chronic illness is the sense of fighting against one’s own body. Patients are well aware of the fact that there’s something off in a very important part of their body. But nowhere is this effect as apparent as with people who suffer from chronic lung conditions. Someone who has a bad leg will often only suffer if they put weight on it. But someone suffering from chronic lung conditions will need to strain an ailing part of their body every few seconds.

This is one of the reasons why recent advancements from the Lung Institute are so important. They’re taking a medicine that has held potential and turning it into a practical reality. The medicine in question is stem cells. Most people have heard a lot about it over the years. However, it’s only very recently that some real world success has become apparent. There are quite a few reasons for it. One of the biggest simply comes down to distribution. It’s often difficult to get stem cells to the position they need to be at in order to help a patient.

However, the results of the Lung Institute speak for themselves. One of the main reasons behind this is that the Lung Institute in Baylor College of Medicine – Tampa already had extensive experience with delivering medicines to the lungs. Not just the inside of the lungs, but the exterior surfaces as well. As such they were able to create a new type of stem cell based treatment which uses the body’s own natural distribution systems to deliver stem cells.

The stem cells are first created from the patient’s blood or from their bone marrow. The newly created medicine is then given to the patients, where it’s recognized as a natural part of their body. From there it will be treated like something that should be in the lungs and taken to exactly where it needs to be. The stem cells then begin to repair damaged areas of the lungs while also fine tuning nearby processes. This allows actual healing to occur in an organ which needs to stay in constant action. Visit for more information.

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