Squaw Valley water returning to normal

Squaw Valley is a ski resort located in Olympic Valley, California. It is one of the largest ski resorts in the United States. They hosted the winter Olympics in 1960. Recently Squaw Valley released a statement to the press concerning some water safety issues. Their press release said that since treatment, the water in three out of four of Squaw Valley Upper Mountain wells have improved. Their test results show only low levels of chloroform bacteria and no E. coli, according to the director of Placer County Environmental Health. The wells are responding well to the treatments.


Back in October, Squaw Valley experienced a storm the produced an abnormally high amounts of rain. The high rain amounts overwhelmed some of the water systems. This caused Squaw Valley to upgrade some of their water systems which allowed for the introduction of bacteria. These upgrades were only made at High Camp and Gold Coast. They did not affect any other locations at Squaw Valley. Regular routine testing caught these bacteria before anyone became ill. As soon as Squaw Valley was aware of the test results they began working with the appropriate authorities and experts in the area to correct the issue.


Until all of water issues are resolved, the restaurants located at High Camp and Gold Coast will remain closed. Access to facilities is available and free bottled water is being provided by Squaw Valley for the convenience of their customers. All ski lanes are open as usual. Once treatment of the water is complete and the water quality is back to normal levels, the restaurants will reopen.


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